Happy Birthday Kang Jie!!
Sunday, May 17, 2009
Happy Birthday, Kang Jie!! May all your wish comes true. =) Hope you like your birthday celebration and the wonderful cake we bake specially for you. =)

It was all plan out by Cheng Yan Ying. She came to my house together with Bing Chao on Friday to bake cake for Kang Jie. Wei Wen and Wei xiong was here too only to see the finale product.

Prepared all the ingredient and all set to mess up my kitchen.

We made brownie with lots of chocolate toppings. It taste really sweet and very very chocolaty. Baking cake sound very hard and troublesome but it is very simple to bake 1 actually. Just have to buy the instant flour and you can have a cake in less then an hour.

Can you see the word 'TKJ'?

Celebrated his birthday on Saturday which is also yesterday together with the Cliques. Went to this Yishun Seafood place. Forget what it's called. I only know that there got 1 tree which look like a bottol shape. It is called the Bottol Tree Park??

Pictures pictures and more pictures!!

Finally, food was served. Some of their dishes are nice but some are not. Very very expensive though for me. I just ate a bomb!!

A surprise Birthday Cake to Kang Jie. =) Hope you like it. =)

A friendly picture. =) ManU is crown champion once again. Congrats to ManU but better watch your back cause Chelsea is going to get you next season. Haha..

After our dinner, drove to Keppel Bay to chill. Nothing much to chill there. Just went to see the scenary and enjoy the breeze.

Take some pictures again. More pictures from Xiong Wei/Wei Xiong camera so stay tune. xD

Was late and the carpark was expensive so didn't really stay there for long. Drive back and home sweet home. =)

Huh? What the fuck is worng with this picture??
~Cheng Kim Wee, 1:08 AM

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