Stay alive...
Saturday, February 28, 2009
Hey... My blog is still alive. Feeling lazy to blog now a days. Don't know why, just don't feel like it.

Seoul Garden with baby last Monday. Not any special occasion, just feel like going to eat there.

Wednesday morning breakfast with baby before she went to school. We ate Rosti that we bought at IKEA that time.

This egg is fried by me. No Bull Shit!! Nice right!!

Our wonderful Breakfast. =)

Celebrating Jolene's Birthday at Lay Hoe's house yesterday. Bought lots of food from Chomp Chomp.. Have lots of fun too.

Happy Birthday Jolene!!
~Cheng Kim Wee, 9:58 PM
Sunday, February 22, 2009

Went to IKEA to eat with baby on Saturday. It was my 1st time eating at IKEA. Didn't know that it is such a nice place to eat. Their food are pretty nice too. After we ate, walk and play around IKEA before we went home.
~Cheng Kim Wee, 11:42 PM
Making of the Valentine's
Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!

What a special day for all couples. I am so so so EXCITED for this day. Is it because this is the 1st time I am celebrating it with my valentine? xD Haha.. Guess so..

I didn't really know what to do actually. Like I said, it was my 1st time celebrating it with my valentine. =X So we came up with an idea, having a picnic at East Coast.

Baby came over to my house and she gave me a heart shape cake that she baked. =) How lovely.. Went over to Heartland Mall, Cold Storage to get our picnic needs. Bought lots of food!! Chips, chicken, sushi, strawberries, grapes and many many...

Wanted to bring a dog along so went to my cousin, Kim Ann's house and borrow Milo. Was quite scared that the dog will run away cause Milo is very naughty dog. And it really almost ran away!! I bring it down and by somehow, it unleash itself!! Luckily Kim Ann was in front to catch Milo, if not, I got no idea how to get another Milo for him.

So sadly, the plan was cancel. Went to take cab and waited for like 3 buses time. Cab that day was even harder to take then bus. Typical Singaporeans keeps cutting queue and the weather is as hot as hell.

Finally reach East Coast angrily. Find a nice spot and set up our picnic stuffs. Was enjoying our lovely food until painful biting ants start coming to invade us. Got force out of the lovely place but we manage to finish up our food by the time we change our place.

James and his lovely girlfriend Jo come find us and chats for a while. Starbucks to chill after a tiring day and home to rest. Compass Point, Ajisen Raman was for our dinner and after dinner was the end of our Valentine's day. =)

Hopes baby enjoy herself. I didn't plan it well but you know I love you deep down inside. All I want is baby to be happy. Happy Valentine's baby...

My Valentine!! =)

These are the stuffs baby made for her friends for Valentine's day. We fail on our 1st attempt but we did a good job on the 2nd. =) Gummies coated with chocolates. =)
And then after it's all done, we coat our hands with left over chocolate.
Our chocolate hand prints.

This is the Heart Shape Cake that Baby bake for me. Thanks Baby!!
Getting ready for picnic...

Baby bring Milo for a walk...

Naughty Milo...
Baby feeling sad that we can't bring Milo...

Our picnic area...


An eagle fly by to greet us.
She love strawberries...

Not just Raman was nice. Their Don taste very good too at Ajisen. =)

Green Tea ice-cream for dessert...That's all for the day... Happy Valentine's day!! I love you baby!!!
~Cheng Kim Wee, 10:15 PM

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