Fun Fun Fun...
Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Haha... Just came back home. Went out with Wei Wen, Wei Xiong, Xiong Wei, Kang Jie, Bing Chao, Leong Cheng and Kemund to have a meal at Compass Point. We Meet out at around 8.00pm and we ate at Yoshinoya. It has been a long time since I last went to Yoshinoya to eat. I still remember how I work with my friends last time at Yoshi.

After we ate, went to Seng Kang Park to chill out. We had lots of fun. So long we never come out together like this. The last time was the Night riding I think. We had lots and lots of fun at the park of course. They are really fun and funny friends to hang out with. I love hang out with them cause we just can't stop laughing when we are together. Haha...

Took lots of lame, funny, weird pictures there. But all the pictures is dark. Not much light there cause it is already late. None of us wanted to go home. We wish that we will have more time together but some of us got school tomorrow so we went home. Haha... Fun Fun Fun... I love you guys. =))

Hmmm... About this morning, Went to school as usual. Lame with my ITE friends of course. We were so bore that we play the guessing game. Lame right? Haha... It is just how bore we can get. Really got nothing for us to do in school.

I have a fun day today. Hope to chill out again with you guys. Haha...
~Cheng Kim Wee, 11:35 PM
Not again...
Sunday, October 28, 2007

Not again... Why can't you understand mum? Why can't you see it? Please don't yell at me if I can't finish my food. Is not like I don't want to finish my food, is I can't. So don't yell at me like that ok. Its not my fault. I got a small tummy and it is getting smaller and smaller everyday.

People ate lunch at 12pm, dinner at 6pm. Me? I ate my lunch at 3.30pm and I don't eat dinner. I eat supper every time and all the food was brought from outside. Do you all know how sick outside food it can be? It sucks. It is so unhealthy and tasteless. Damn it...

I ate more then half the packet of the chips more, do you expect me to finish the awful food that you brought from outside too? I am already full alright. So don't force me to eat cause I will throw out if I continue eating eat. I keep losing appetite lately. I use eat a lot last time and I love eating. Now, all these food are like shit to me. Please be more understanding mum.

P.S. I love you mum...

The picture above brings back lots of memory... =)
~Cheng Kim Wee, 3:56 PM
Cough it out...
Saturday, October 27, 2007

What a free day today. Stay at home and spend my Saturday at home. Yesterday evening, went out with my mum and go NTUC. I brought lots of stuffs for myself like photo chips, yougurt, vitagen, ice-cream, drinks and lots of stuffs. I am going to eat all that right after I get rids of my cough. Haha...

Yesterday night time, went out cycling alone. Wanted to go Punggol End but it is dark and scary. So I just cycle around Seng Kang and Hougang. Not a good time for me to cycle cause there is still lots of cars on the road. So I just explore around and went to Hougang stadium cause the stadium light is on. I thought there might be some soccer match going on but when I reach there, the match is over already. xD

Went back home around 10pm. My cough get worst after that cycle. I was like coughing every seconds. I quickly go and drink the medicine the doctor gave me. I drink it 3 times and my cough slowly gets away.

Today, my cough is much better. I will recover in a few days time. In a few days time, I am going to eat all the things that I brought yesterday. Hahaha... Oh yes, my mum brought rice cause I ask her to teach me cooking. When I learn how to cook, I don't have to eat outside food anymore. Yeah!!!
~Cheng Kim Wee, 3:45 PM
See doctor...
Friday, October 26, 2007

Went to school in the morning today. Did some practical on the trans axel and that is the end of the day. I always likes Fridays. It is the shortest day in school and we can enjoy our weekends break. 2 weeks of school already, 5 more weeks to go. Thats fast, really fast. GPA4, here I come. Haha...

Went to the Punggol Clinic in the afternoon but it is close. So I went to my cousin, Kim Ann's house for a while and see how he is doing. He is drawing his 'O' level art when I arrive. So I play with his 1 year old Hesky. It's a very huge dog, may grow up even bigger and stronger. Around 2.30pm, I went back to the clinic again to see doctor and went back home around 3.30pm.

My cousin, Huey Yuan told me to look out for "Rules of Compositions" yesterday. It is something useful about photography. I've learn lots of photography skills from there. I notice that I can make my pictures looks ever better if I take it in another angle. Thanks Huey Yuan. That is a very useful tips. =)
~Cheng Kim Wee, 4:55 PM
Happy Birthday, Mum!!!
Thursday, October 25, 2007

1st thing 1st... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM!!! Thanks for everything. A lot of things I wanted to say to you but you don't read blog. I promise all my reader here that I will always makes you happy. I will never make you angry or sad again. But I will still be waiting for that 1 big family moments to spend together. =')

If anyone of you got any cousins or friends or what so ever who is going to study in primary school soon, I strongly recommend that they should go to Yio Chu Kang Primary. That school is rich. They are building a new field with Carpet Grass!!! What a money to spend and it is just a primary school. My secondary and ITE don't even have a field that good. I wants to test playing soccer on those carpet grass. Haha...

Yesterday I talk about learning Piano. 1 more thing to add. I wants to learn how to cook too. I always got the interest to cook but no one teaches me. Thats why I join F&N in sec 3 but I was force to drop the subject by that jerk, Mr Ice-Cream Man, Mr Yong.

If I know how to cook, I won't have to eat those unhealthy outside food anymore. And maybe next time when I grows up, I will cook for my family instead of leaving all the household chores to my wife. So anyone can spare some time and teach me how to cook? You will do a great part in my life. Haha... xD

I was late to school today. My teacher must be very disappointed with me. He have high expectations of me cause he said he is giving me the GPA 4. I won't be late again Mr Sunny. The reason why I am late today is because I didn't sleep well. I kept on coughing trough out the night.

Lastly, I Love You Mum... =)
~Cheng Kim Wee, 4:02 PM
Wednesday, October 24, 2007

"Get well soon." Thanks for people who cares about me. I am fine now. No more fever but still got a little bit of cough. Like I said, I will get well as soon as possible and I did. =) I am true to my words. Haha...

Yesterday was a hard day for me. I keeps on drinking water and going to the toilet. I dare not bath through out the day but I did in the end. It was a torturous bath and it almost turns me into ice. I am so freezing cold and the heartless wind keeps blowing and blowing.

Slept rather early last night and went to school this morning. We watch the drama about love and stuffs. It was kind of funny but a good job for the actors to put on a act like that. It is meaningful though.

I got the urge to go and learn piano after watching the Jay Chou movie "Secret". It was pretty cool to see how they play the piano so swiftly. Actually I wanted to learn piano when I was young but I didn't got the chance. I still hope that I could learn piano someday. =)
~Cheng Kim Wee, 12:54 PM
Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Starts school later today cause my class adviser need to go and visits his mum in the morning. So the morning part was cancel. Just went for the afternoon section. Feel so sick in school. Never eat anything cause I got no money.

I had been chosen to compete in the competition organize by our school. 4 of us in a team to challenge others to see who can take out the tires and the battery of the car the fastest. It is just a small competition to test your speed. It reminds me of my Inter Unit Camp-Craft competition last year. We've got 3rd out of 150+ school and I am really proud of it. We train hard and we got the results. That was 1 of my happiest moment in Npcc and in Nvss. =)

My tempreture reads 37.9*C. Feeling tired, and strong cause I know I am going to recover as soon as possible. I am in the mood to go to the beach and relax myself alone. But I am tired at the same time. I will go to the beach next time.

Something brighten ups my day when I reach home. PRISON BREAK!!! Episode 5 is out!!! Its getting more and more exciting. =)
~Cheng Kim Wee, 5:47 PM

Oh my oh my... What has got into me? I feel so stressful these fews days. Maybe it was because of my family. My family was always busy doing their own things. My family is just like how the cars in the express way runs. Doing their own things, moving in their own ways. I don't understand.

My mum birthday will be coming this Thursday, Oct 25. Shall I buy anything for her go make her a card? I don't even have money right now to do anything. I went to school with $0. How am I going to survive this week. I don't understand.

Like I always said. I hate outside food. I ate a bowl of noodles and I add in all the chilli padi. I normally don't add any chilli to my food unless it is really tasteless. Now, I am having a sore trout coughing blood out of my mouth. So uncomfortable.

No no no... Something is wrong. I don't talk like this. Don't question me, don't approach me. I will get back to be cheerful all by myself, I will take it alone. Why can't we get back to the way we use to be? I don't understand. Right now, I am Inconsolable.

I'm sick, thats why...*
~Cheng Kim Wee, 11:34 AM
Happy Birthday, Daniel...
Sunday, October 21, 2007
His Cake...
His puppy...
So cute...
Lam Jiao...

Happy 18th Birthday to Daniel. May all your wish come true. Work hard for your 'O' level and get some good grades. Haha... As you all know 'O' level is around the corner. Yea... And I know Daniel knows that too. But that doesn't mean there is no celebration for you. Haha...

As a friend of him for so many years, James, Alex, Chen Yong and I plan a surprise for him. He thought that no one is going to celebrate with him. Haha...
Brought a small cake from Rivervale Plaza in the evening and meet the 4 of them at Alex's place at 9pm. Cab down to Daniel's house for the surprise. We light up the candles at the stairs and we crawl slowly to his doorstep.

Surprise!!! Happy Birthday!!! Haha... I am sure that he is happy when he saw us with his birthday cake. Went into his house and sang a song for him. Surprise right Daniel? Happy? Lol... We ate the cake and slack at his house for a while.

Omg... His puppy is so small and cute. It is so active and it keep hoping around biting people. Haha... I took pictures of it but there is something wrong with blogger. I can't upload any photo. I took photo for the cake and the blue bird (lam jiao) too. Will upload it when blogger is repaired.

Watch a bit of soccer but end up watching The Maid instead. I think the movie wasn't that nice showing on TV. I watch it in the cinema and it is really scary. The sound and the surrounding are totally different. It will really scared the crap out of you in the cinema. Haha...

Went to Hougang Plaza and play some LAN gaming. Play with the unknow people there but they are friendly. We have fun playing with them. Went to the coffee shop to have some milo and talks. Went home early in the morning cause 'O' level is getting nearer and they need to study.

Too All My Sec 5 Friends Once Again... Good Luck for your 'O' levels. =) Oh yes... New picture uploaded in my Deviant Art. Remember to go there and have a look if you are free. Thank you. =)
~Cheng Kim Wee, 6:28 AM
Perfect meal...
Friday, October 19, 2007
Sweet and delicious home cook meal that I never tasted in a long long time.
~Cheng Kim Wee, 10:15 PM
Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Today, was quite a bad luck day for me in school. I went in the morning and reach there at 9am for english. We I walk up the stairs to my classroom, the teacher just shut the door and left. The lesson suppose to end at 10. He end it at 9 and I didn't got a chance to mark attendance. Damn it. Never mind. The lesson wasn't important anyway. I never go for P.E today because I am going to Junction 8 for movies. =)

Today, was the last paper for the exams students. Congrats to all for completing your exams. And tomorrow was the practical for the 'O' level students. Good luck to all 'O' level students. Hope all of you guys can do well and score well. =)

Went out with Esther in the afternoon for movies. She had completed all her exams and it is time for a break. So I went out with her to Junction 8. Book 2 tickets for The Nanny Diaries. Hmmm... Nice movie, funny show, and meaningful too. 3 stars. =)

After movie, went to have our dinner at Pizza Hut. Had a hard time searching for the place we wants to eat. Haha... Finally choose Pizza Hut cause less people. No need to queue. We were freezing while waiting for our food to come. The place is very cold. We ate pizzas and it warm us up. Not feeling cold anymore while eating.

Pay our bills and take the bus home. Quite early by then but I was tired. Going to sleep soon. Had a great time today. Sorry friends that I never went for badminton. I didn't know you all booked the court. So sorry. Shall play with you all next time. =)
~Cheng Kim Wee, 9:57 PM

This is the tree I took yesterday before I cut my hair. I have been passing by this tree every time I took my bus to school. Never really got the chance to take this picture. So feel kind of happy when I finally capture 1. I had to climb over fence, cross the drain and walk on tall grasses. Luckily, I was wearing long pants and shoe if not my legs will have been cut by tons.

Lots of creative and interesting way to edit this photo. I edit it 4 times but I think there are still lots of creative way to edit it. Shall think of other way to edit it next time. Any idea of editing it please give me some advice. Haha... =) Oh Yes, comment on my photo please. =D
~Cheng Kim Wee, 2:08 AM
Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Today is my 1st day of school. What did I do in school today? Nothing. -_-" As expected, did nothing in school today and is kind of boring. But I'm glad that we got to meet up with our friends again. =) Long time no see guys. Haha...

We was let of early today and there is no school tomorrow!!! Yeah... But I was having a bad mood today despite hearing this good news. Maybe I woke up too early in the morning and I feel kind of tired. So don't really have the mood to do anything.

Reach home, worst. I threw my temper at my mum and I took my bicycle out for a ride. Had a lonely ride today. I was thinking to myself why can't we had a proper family? My mum and dad was always doing their own business, and not taking good care of the family.

I really envy those family which always have gathering every once in a while. Envy those who have a proper home cook meal to eat. Envy those who share their secrets, fun, laughter and joy with their family.

But now, I don't think that I can have a family back like the past where we use to be happy together as 1. I think it's time for me to grow up and be independent. I will be strong, I will succeed in the future. I will earn money and have a family in the future. I don't wants my family to be like now. Hope things will change to be better... Haiz... =(

How I wish I could be bang down by a car when I was riding. Maybe by then my family will come together and visits me. But the car didn't bang. I cycle to a place to take some nice photos. Shall post it next time. Feel much better after taking the photos.

Cycle to Hougang to have my haircut today. It was somewhere around Serangoon Junior Collage. I had a nice haircut and I am very happy with it. So people, remember this place. Should go there and cut. And I did feel much better after the cut. I am no longer the monk or botak already. >.<
~Cheng Kim Wee, 12:33 AM
School reopens...
Monday, October 15, 2007

Good morning to all. Now is 8.00am and I should be going to school soon. Today, my school reopens which means that no more holidays for me. While it's not a bad thing. At least I won't just rot at home. I had been rotting at home in this 3 weeks of break. My mum wants me to get a job for my next holidays. So if there is any good job out there please introduce to me. Or we can work together!! Haha...

Ok!!! Time to work hard after the break. My target, GPA4 and to get top 5 in class. xD Hmmm... Should be easy for me. Haha...

The above pictures is taken and edited by me. Kind of weird. Not really nice though. I just edit it for fun. And I don't think James is the best photographer. Don't get fool by the tag board at Daniel's blog. He use my name to compliment himself. LOL... I still thinks that I am the best. xP Oh Yes James!!! Photo taking after your 'O's Ok? =)

Um... About the picture above, it was taken at Mt Ophir. It looks like some stairway to hell or something. =X Everyone will die eventually. When I die, I will die as a happy one. I had enjoy so much in life already and there is more to enjoy. Life is full of happiness, joy and laughter. So people!!! Remember to stay Happy. =D
~Cheng Kim Wee, 7:54 AM
Saturday, October 13, 2007

Hahaha... Suddenly I had so much DVD to watch now all thanks to Esther Goh Si Ying. But my holidays are ending soon anyway. xD I must work hard when school reopens. I need to get that GPA4 in order to go into poly. Cannot skip lesson anymore. Haha...

Watch Pirates of the Caribbean, At Worlds End and Meet the Fockers today. Pirates of the Caribbean is 1 of my favorite movie too. I watch The curse of the Black Pearl and Dead Man Chest a few days ago. And now, I have complete watching all 3 parts again. Haha...

This is the 2nd time I watch At Worlds End. 1st time was in the cinema and not really sure whats going on with the movie. It is a long movie and it's complicated. Don't really understand for the 1st time. Watching this movie for the 2nd time is much more better and understandable. What a nice and exciting movie. I love it. I love Jack Sparrow, Will Turner and of course, Miss Swan. Haha... 5 stars. =))

Meet the Fockers is a very funny movie. Nice movie too. Some of their jokes are dirty. Lol... Great movie anyway. Lets be in the circle of trust. =)) 4.5 stars.

OK... Peace from now on. -_-"
~Cheng Kim Wee, 12:36 AM
'O' Level stress...
Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Oh dear oh dear is 'O' level. All the 'O' levels students must be feeling really stress right now. Hang in there buddy and all my friends. This is your finale step of your secondary school life. So don't give up. Put in a little more effort and study hard. You guys got my full support. If you guys are too stress that you don't even know what to drink, just have a can of 'Anything' or 'Whatever'. Haha...

Even James is feeling the stress. He ask me out yesterday for supper and to slack around. I called Alex, Daniel and Chen Yong to tag along too. Stupid Chen Yong didn't come and join us. The 4 of us went to Jalan Kayu and have our supper there.

After we ate, we walk all the way to Hougang Plaza. It is a very long way to way. But we chats a lot too while walking there. I didn't know that we are going to ton trough out the whole night. We play LAN gaming until morning.

We took a cab home and I watch Prison Break episode 4 when I reach home. Haha... These few days keep staying at home. Holidays is going to end soon. At least I enjoy my holiday. =)
~Cheng Kim Wee, 10:11 PM
Monday, October 08, 2007

Watch this 2 movie yesterday morning before going to Marina South to celebrate. Night at the Museum and S.W.A.T. 2 nice movie. =) Any more nice movie please introduce me. I need those movie to kill time during my holidays. Kang Jie, I know you are going to say High School Musical. xD

Night at the Museum is a very interesting comedy movie where all the creature came to life at night. Pretty cool, and very cute too. Funny of cause. Haha... I love it. 4 stars. =))

S.W.A.T is also a very nice movie. Very cool, very exciting. A movie which all guys will like. Special Weapons And Tactics. I want to be in the team too. Haha... Guess I am thinking too much. There is no S.W.A.T in Singapore. Only STAR team. Their training must be insane. Anyway, cool movie. 4.5 stars. =)

Oh yes. There is nothing wrong with my camera anymore. I just format the card. I never had thought of that. But I still wish I had a SLR to play with.
~Cheng Kim Wee, 12:08 AM
Happy Birthday, Zhen Hao...
Sunday, October 07, 2007

Happy Birthday Zhen Hao. May all your wish come true. =) Hope you will be Singapore next top chef in the future. xD

Haha... Went out to celebrate Zheo Hao Birthday today at Marina South. Meet Zhen Hao, Chen Yong, Wei Wen, Xun Yan, Rusydi and Adrian at Seng Kang Mrt station and we head on to Marina South. It was very crowded today cause today is Saturday. We settle at the Dragon Village and we start eating. We had a great time eating and chatting together.

After eating, Xun Yan, Zhen Hao, Wei Wen, Chen Yong and Rusydi went to play bowling. They had 2 matches and both matches was won by Rusydi. Pool for some hours after bowling and we went home. Lucky we did catch up the last train. Haha... Home Sweet Home. =)
~Cheng Kim Wee, 1:24 AM
Balls of Fury...
Saturday, October 06, 2007

Lord of the Rings and another movie I have watch during my holidays. It is my all time favorite movie. I have watch it over 10 times already and I still love it so much. This is one of the best movie in the box office directed by Peter Jackson. The story was from a book by J.R.R.Tolken. Very creative and very imaginative. The movie is so fantastic. It is still fantastic to me even though I have watch it so many times. Leogolas is so cool. Haha... 500 stars

Today, went out with Chen Yong, Pok Chuen and Alex to watch Balls of Fury at the Cathy. It is a comedy movie. The movie sucks. It was so lame. Not nice at all. The only part I enjoy is watching Maggie Q. She is so sexy. Way way way sexier then Esther!! 5 stars for Maggie and 1 stars for the movie. xD

After the movie, we went to play LAN gaming at the Paradiz for a few hours. Ate Mac for our supper and we left to catch the last train. Saw Xiong Wei, Leong Cheng and Kemund while walking to the MRT. After a while, Wei Wen called me and ask me to go to Jalan Kayu. LOL...

So I went the Seng Kang station to meet Wei Wen, Kang Jie, Bing Chao and Wei Xiong and farewell to Alex, Chen Yong and Pok Chuen. I never eat at Jalan Kayu cause I've eaten. I just went with them to have some fun and laughter. =) But I was tired. Didn't talk much like I usually do. =X We was walking home but all of us was tired so we took cab.
~Cheng Kim Wee, 2:53 AM
Fix My Camera...
Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Sharks... My camera is spoil. Damn it... Don't worry cam, I will get you fix as soon as possible. Is either my card spoil or my camera. I hope is my camera to be spoil instead of the 2G card. Haha... I am just thinking of changing to a new camera if it really spoil. But it still can take pictures with its internal memories so I think is the 2G card which spoils. I want a SLR so badly. Where can I get a good and cheap one?

Watch these 2 movie during my free time. The Departed and Internal Affairs. Both movie got the same story line but I prefer the Hong Kong one. It is way better then the other. It has a very interesting story and it is exciting too. I love it very much. 4 stars for The Departed and 5 stars for Internal Affairs.
~Cheng Kim Wee, 10:04 PM
O is getting nearer...
Tuesday, October 02, 2007

These are the 2 movie I watched recently. Thanks to all these movie and, I can spend my boring holiday time doing something. I still have 2 more weeks before my school reopens. Need more movie to kill time. Hopefully Prison Break episode 3 will come out tomorrow. xD

The 1st movie is Goals 2. It tells us a little boy who dare to dream big and live his dream. The journey to become a big soccer wasn't easy for him. He had put in lots of hard work to keep his dream living. He work hard and he never give up. It was a very happy ending in the end winning the UEFA Champion league in Real together with big stars like Beckham, Zidane, Robeto Carlos, Rual and my favorite player, RONALDO!!! 3 stars.

The 2nd movie is one of my favorite, Death Note. I watch it once before and I will like it to watch it again. It is very exciting and the 2 genies wants to cancel out each other with their mind. Its amazing how they 2 battle each other. Justice was found once again in the end. 5 stars. =)
~Cheng Kim Wee, 12:19 AM

- Cheng Kim Wee
- 18 years old
- 17th April 1990


- Chelsea
- Night riding
- Badminton
- Soccer
- Taekwondo
- Photography


- Chelsea Merchandise
- Chelsea Jersey
- Pair of Sports Shoes
- Digital Camera
- Digital SLR!
- Crumpler Bag
- Lord of the Rings
- Music Keyboard
- Handphone
- Learn Piano
- Stay Healthy