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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Going back to Malaysia this Saturday to celebrate my grandma's birthday. Got this above family photo print and frame it up for her as a gift. Hope she will like it. =)

Dinner at this Hong Kong Cafe at White Sand with baby sometimes back. Ordered some cheap and nice food for ourselves to fill our hungry stomach. =)

Kill zombie with James, Alex and Chen Yong at Paradiz. Their computer is way better then Hougang Plaza. We manage to complete all the maps. =)

Chalet with the n1 peeps once again. Have lots of fun at the Chalet. BBQ in the evening, murderer through the night follow by Downtown hide and seek. Lol...

~Cheng Kim Wee, 6:42 PM
Happy Bithday Chen Yong!!
Friday, March 20, 2009

A very happy birthday to my brother Chen Yong!! May all your wish comes true. =) Had a surprise for Chen Yong on his birthday with James and Alex. Meet at my house, bought a cake, made a card and wrap a present for him.

Preparation outside his house. Hopes his dog won't bark and spoil our surprise plan.

Here is the surprise team in action.

Surprise!! Happy Birthday!!

See the way he smile, he was so surprise and happy. =) Haha... Just like that time we did 1 for Alex, he went in the toilet and say he wanted to bath but actually, he is crying. xD

Here is your present. =)

A banana!! =) Didn't buy any present but but but... It's the thought that count. =)

The next day, went prawning at Marina Country Club. Took bus 82 to Punggol End and had a long, quiet walk to the Country Club.

$30 3hrs for each person. James catch his 1st prawn just after a few minutes. We thought he was so good at prawning but we were wrong. It's just his luck. Soon he caught his 2nd and that was about it.

A lady peeing into the pond...

Follow by the guy... Those people don't have any manners...

Alex caught was the last one to catch a prawn after so long. After 3 hrs, he caught 5.

Chen Yong only caught 3 prawns...

And James caught 3 prawns too...

Hahaha... And I'm the one with the most catch. I caught 6 prawns. =)

Total 17 prawns for $120. Very expensive but we had fun. Look!! Some prawns even carry eggs with it. It's time to bbq them all now. Muhahahaha...

Look at Alex! He is fanning the charcoal!! But after 5 mins, he give excuses and went to the toilet and slack again. The no.1 slacker of all time. xD

The one who caught the least prawns shall cook for us which happens to be Chen Yong and James.. Haha..

So that's the end of our prawning time. Shall not continue about what happen next. I swear I am not going back to Hougang Plaza for lan again cause their com totally sucks...
~Cheng Kim Wee, 8:21 PM
Date with baby..
Wednesday, March 18, 2009
A date with baby last Tuesday. Wake up early to buy BK breakfast for my dear and have our breakfast at the void deck. Waited for her to get ready and off to town for our date!!

Went to Cathay and book tickets for 'Race to Witch Mountain'. We book this movie because I wanted to see my idol Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson!! Though I know it will be quite kiddy cause it's from Walt Disney Pictures, but I still want to watch it anyway. 2.5 stars. Not bad for a kid movie. =X

After movie, chill around eating junk food from ShiLing and Yummy Yogurt and walk around in town. Top Shop is having Warehouse Sale!! But we didn't get anything though.

Baby meet up with her friends Cheryl and Ment Ting and they continue their shopping spree from Taka to Wisma, Wisma to Far East. Shopping will never be tiring for girls but it's the direct opposite for guys. =(

Parted with her friends and we went to Bliss for our late dinner. I think Bliss food are really really nice. Their cost are very reasonable too. It's a nice place to eat and chill at. =)

Got to rush baby home cause it's getting late. Hope you have fun baby.. =)
~Cheng Kim Wee, 9:30 PM

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