Batman Encore...
Thursday, July 31, 2008

School was so boring that I skip my afternoon lesson today. Went back to North Vista Secondary School to meet Cheryl Foo to get something for her and had a short chat with her. Had my lunch in the school canteen. Never had lunch in Nvss canteen for such a long time. Miss the canteen there though the food wasn't that nice. I loss my appetite again while I am having my meal.

I was queuing up to buy my food just behind the old lady VP at this western food stall back then. She saw me and the 1st thing she said to me in a VP manner was, "Can you tuck in your shirt?" I was like, huh, and I gave her a expressionless stare.

She then said, "Oh, you are not from this school?" I didn't reply her. In my heart I was saying to myself, "Are you blind or something? Is it because you are getting old and you can't see properly?"

And here comes Mr Goh out of no where. I greeted him and he said "Long time no see" to me and I replied, "I saw you on TV" Haha... The VP then got to know that I am a ex student. She then turn away without looking back at me. Haha...

Guess she regrets using the VP tone asking me to tuck in my shirt. So what if you are a VP in the school? I have been in Nvss longer then you old lady. Not that I don't want to tuck in my shirt, I will be breaking my school rules if I tuck it in. Are you telling me to break my school rules?

Went back home to sleep and off to Amk Hub after my nap. Organizer for this outing is ME!! ME ME ME!!! Must say this out a thousand times cause nobody dare to be the organizer now a days. Haha... Anyway, this short outing was a successfully one cause it is organizer by ME!!! Participants, Bing Chao, Xiong Wei, Kang Jie, Wei Wen, Wei Xiong and Rachel.

Ok, enough of it. =X I left home early cause I don't wants to be late. Saw Mrs Chong and had a short chat with her. Miss my bus from right under my nose. Dam... In the end, I was late. So surprisingly everyone was on time!!! 1st time all of them turn up so on time. What happen to them today? That's not usual. Lol... But at least no one is late that is a good thing. Hope we won't be late for our next outing too. xD

Had a quick dinner at the food court, went to NTUC to get some tibits for our movie. Batman Encore. It is my 2nd time watching this movie and it is almost as exciting as the 1st time. My butt is stuck to my chair even though I said I wanted to go to the toilet right at the beginning. This show is just too exciting to take my eyes off. I understand the movie and the mind games of joker better. Great show. This movie deserve a better rating. 5 stars!!!

"Why so serious?", "Never do something you are good at for free.", "I made my own luck." "Do you rather die a Hero? Or would you rather live long enough to see yourself becoming the Villain?" Nice phrase.

After movie, take some Batman style pictures and home sweet home... =)

~Cheng Kim Wee, 12:55 AM
Happy Birthday, James!!!
Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Yeah!!! It's finally and Finally!!! Happy Birthday James!!! You are finally 18 now. May all your wishes comes true. =)) I can't believe I know this guy for more then 10 years already. And the fun and laughter with him will never end. Hope we got to have more fun and do more things in the future. =))

Went to the hospital for the Muga scan this morning. It is to scan my heart. Got to do injection again!!! What the hell. I am not scared of needles but I just don't like them. They poke holes into my skin! Went for the blood test last time and I got a blood cord in my vain. Now, I got another larger blood cord. And that is not the end of it. My mum told me that the scan was unsuccessful. I got to return and get another AGAIN. Which means, more needles. What the Fuck. Fickle Bitch. And not to say, I got blood test on the August and Steptember too. Duh...

Didn't went to meet Cheryl today for dinner cause I was too tired. And don't send me message in the middle of the night please. People got to sleep and you are disturbing my sweet dreams. She sends me a message at 3am. Insane girl. Go to bed Vampire.

This few days, feel quite alright but not alright when I am eating. I keep having a sudden lost of appetite when I am eating. Feel like vomiting have way through my meal. Maybe is the 10K medication I am taking or maybe something else. Hope I can eat more next time.

I don't know why I always dreaming of myself driving. I have this dream long time ago even before I pass my Basic Theory Test. I keep dreaming myself at the driver sit, right hand on the steering wheel, left hand changing gears, right leg on the accelerator and the brakes and my left leg on the clutch. Cool huh. Haha... Maybe I will be a F1 driver in the future. Who knows. xD

Oh Ya. Did you all watch the soccer match between Singapore and Brazil? Singapore totally sucks. Lost 3-0. I could easily be more. I only watch the 1st half. Don't wish to carry on watching the Singapore side losing. Singapore don't even have the skill and quality to beat Brazil. They just defend stubbornly. They got no patient and build up. Possession lost at the most important point. Brazil is obviously the better side.

Tomorrow outing with Cliques at Amk Hub. I am the organizer! Had a hard time persuading Bing Chao to come with us and Xiong Wei too. Hope it will be successful and no more surprises please. =X
~Cheng Kim Wee, 12:08 AM
Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Celebrated James's Birthday yesterday. Meet up with Alex and Daniel 1st to Net Force and play Lan gaming! AGAIN!! Haha... Don't know why we are so addicted to the Command & Conquer game. The game is very fun to me cause I enjoy owning their ass. Hehe... The 1st match we play got 2 winner and 2 loser. Daniel and James, the losers, was defeated and left only me and Alex with a draw. End of the game.

Our plan was to celebrate at Chomp Chomp but when we bus down to the place, it was close due to some cleaning and pest control. What a coincidence. Why do they do cleaning on that date. zZz... Chen Yong and Mei Mei came to meet us at Chomp Chomp and we got to come out with a back up plan.

Plan was change to Kovan to eat Zi Char. Meet Fiona, Isabel, Cheralyn and Victoria. 5 guys and 5 girls. Just nice. Haha... 10 person sitting around the table, just like a family. Ordered lots of food and chats with our long lost friends. Joke around and take lots of photos too. Had a great time eating there. =)

Head on to Mac for some ice-cream and chats there for a while before we all go our separate ways. Had a really hard laughing time back at the Mac. Cheralyn still the same like last time. Once she starts laughing, she can't stop. Lol...

The girls went home and the guys, went for LAN!!! 5 players this time. I enjoy this game too cause I win. Haha... I am a great General. Maybe I will be General of Singapore. xD Who knows. Hehe...

Pictures to be uploaded soon...
~Cheng Kim Wee, 1:18 PM
The X Files...
Saturday, July 26, 2008

Another outing with Bing Chao, Wei Wen, Wei Xiong and Kang Jie. Was making up for the plan we fail last week. Last week, we wanted to catch the movie, 'Red Cliff' in the cinema but it never happens due to the heavy rain and was cancel in the end. This week we watch 'The X Files' instead cause Kang Jie got the 'Red Cliff' Dvd.

Bus down to Amk Hub and was almost late for the movie. We book 5 tickets for, 'The X Files' before it was sold out. Not really a nice movie and not that bad actually. Just a so-so movie. Don't really have the climax. 2 stars for it. =X

After movie, went to eat at S11 and off to Wei Wen's and Wei Xiong's house for the 'Red Cliff'. Wei Wen, Wei Xiong and Kang Jie falls asleep 1 by 1 half way through the movie. For me, it was the 2nd time watching this movie and the Dvd is a pirated one so not really that nice watching it for the 2nd time. Its kind of draggy actually. I thought Singlish is the worst but wait til you see Chinalish. Their translation was really dam funny. Direct translation from chinese to english!! Can you imagine that. Haha... Their translation turn the whole movie into a comedy movie. Lol... 1 star for the pirated Dvd. Overall rating for 'Red Cliff', 3.5 stars. Watching it in cinema is way better.
~Cheng Kim Wee, 3:56 AM
Friday, July 25, 2008
IQ Test Score

I am smarter then Sheue Lee... Muhaahaha....

Touching video clip between human and lion on Kang Jie's blog. Go watch it if you are free. =')
~Cheng Kim Wee, 12:01 AM
The Dark Knight...
Thursday, July 24, 2008

Another outing with James, Alex, Daniel, Shirley and Fiona. Was suppose to meet up at 12 but in the end, all came late except for Alex. Serve him right. I still remember that he makes me wait for him for 1h. Haha...

Went to town to do some shopping. Walk quite a lot of distance. I didn't brought anything. What I did was just window shopping. Save money. Spending quite a lot lately and there are still some more outing, birthday parties and gathering coming right up.

After some time of shopping, went to catch a movie, 'The Dark Knight'. It was a super nice movie. No wonder it hits the box office so quickly. The movie last for 153 mins. I didn't even want to take my eyes off the movie screen. So many action pack moves and smart plans by the Joker.

I think Joker stole the show there instead of the Batman. He is the one driving the movie. The actor who played the Joker role, his acting is world class. But too bad we can't watch anymore movies from the actor. I think he will get the best actor award if he is still alive. 4.5 stars for 'The Dark Knight'. =) Worth watching it.

Shirley went clubbing after the movie. The rest of us went to do some more shopping. And here comes the complicated part. We got to decide where shall we eat our dinner cause meeting Isabel later on but don't know where. Finally, and yes finally settle our dinner at Pepper Lunch. Its 8.45pm and we are still eating lunch. =X

And finally after dinner, met Isabel at TCC and have a chat with her. It has been a long time since we meet up. Went to a place for Tao Hui Zui. After the girls went home. The rest of us went to play Lan games at Paradiz. Play Lan game again. We won't give up on C&C. We were hoping it won't hang again after so much trying. And and and... It do hang again, twice. What the hell. Tried for the 3rd and finale time and and and lucky this time, we have a complete game. =D

Was so happy to have a complete game but not really happy to have a losing game. The war between James, Alex, Daniel and I. Alex was the 1st to be defeated. Poor Alex, I didn't attack you. Daniel and James form alliance to take out Alex. After Alex was defeated, they went for me. Dam it. They keep on coming in attacking me and I keep on defending. Lucky my defence is strong enough to hold them for the time being.

Stupid James. He never went to war before. In the battle field, no one can be trusted. Daniel betray him and he was defeated. Hahaha... Lol... And is left with me and Daniel. We had a hard battle. None of us is giving up. I lost in the end all thanks to James. -_- I will get my revenge!!!

We didn't notice that we actually played 6hrs of Lan gaming. Cab home early in the morning. I had to went for my blood test later on. Omg... How to pass my blood test when don't even have much strength? Sure fail. =X

On the way to the Hospital, guess who me and my mum saw? We saw the M1 boss in the LRT. The M1 boss in the advertisment who said, 'I love it!', 'You guys are good', 'I think we got a winner'. Haha... Lol. He was so Singaporean. Rush out of the LRT and went straight down to take MRT. =X He is out of my sight right after the door opens. I think we got a winner.

At SGH, we half dead already still got to poke needles into my vain. It was painful ok. Omg... I hate needles. Went for a heart check too after that. And after everything was done, rush back home sleep. zZz...
~Cheng Kim Wee, 6:07 PM
King of the fruit...
Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's the durian season! Durian seems to be like everywhere. Any where you go, you can see people eating and selling durian. Even the blogs I visited got durian too. Some say durian is the King of all fruit. But for me, it is the opposite. Durian season is the worst season ever. Mating season is the best.

I remember when I was young, my mum always force me to eat durian. She knew I dislike it but she still keeps asking me to eat it. Back then at Malaysia visiting my grandparents, all my relatives will gather for the durian feast. Normally I will hide in the room and out of my mum sights. If she gives me 1, I will throw it and feed the wild dogs. Lol...

My uncle is in Singapore!!! They will be visiting tomorrow. Must stay at home and wait for their arrival. Can't go out. Hope they don't bring back any durian. Was planning to go out for a movie today but was cancel due to heavy down pour. Stay at home and wasted my Saturday.

Just now watch the Jacky Wu's show about the haunted house. I laugh like hell. Was so dam funny to see those people being scared. Hahaha... It's quite fun actually. But not fun being scared around.

Big guys don't cry...
~Cheng Kim Wee, 12:01 AM
Saturday, July 19, 2008

I am so tired now. Lucky today is Friday and there is no school tomorrow. I simple love weekends. I got to sleep all I want. Who wants to go to school anyway? I find my school more and more meaningless. I am studying on those things that I can't even work on. Duh... Nonsensical.

After school, or should I say..? Skip school, in the afternoon, and went to take my Basic Theory Test. I was so afraid that I will fail. I keep having this feeling that I will fail the test. But I passed in the end. Haha... There are some question that I wasn't really sure actually. Around 6 question I guess, but I still manage to pass. =) Saw Wei Xiong at SSDC. He having his practical lesson.

1 doctor and 1 nurse came to my house to visit me today. They check on my condition at my house. Cool right... Got nurse and doctor come to my house. I like this system cause I don't have to go back to Singapore General Hospital every now and then. They will come for me if I needed any help instead. Its just a call away.

I asked them weather they can get rid of the tumor on my face. I really hope they can cause I think it is getting bigger and bigger. I am freak so don't freak out with you see me. People just keep on asking me why my face is swollen. Please get rid of my tumor doctor.

Went to take my baby for a spin after the doctor and nurse left. I finally got my baby back. I miss her so much. Can't wait to step on the pedals again. Cycle to Hougang and pass Yew Hin his disc. Was very tired when I reach Yew Hin's place. Still got to meet Kang Jie and pass him things too.

My whole body was in pain when I finally reach Kang Jie's place. I can't cycle too far like I use to. I will never forget that day I cycle all the way to Tuas. I got no problem cycle to Tuas that time. But now, I got lots of problem cycling to Hougang. My right shoulder always hurts when I move it, the back of my left shoulder was in a bit of pain too. I slim so much that my butt hurts when sitting on the chair and my legs feels so tired too. And not to say about my back. I always have backache even I sit down and use my computer.

Can you imagine? This is the pain I have to go trough all the time. But I just endure it. I am going for another spin with my baby again for sure. But only around my area. Don't dare to go too far.

After that, went to meet James, Daniel, Alex, Shirley and Fiona for dinner at Hougang Mall. Eat Long John Silver. Long time never been to Hougang mall already. Didn't know it had change so much. Haha... Mountain tortise.

Went to Hougang Plaza after that and have some Lan gaming. Play the fun game Team Fortress again with Fiona and Shirley. Fiona say it's fun!!! Lol... She keeps throwing bombs and kill others. Hahaha... That's funny. Lol... Play C&C half way again. Keep on disconnecting playing C&C there. Can't go there and play C&C any more. It sucks. Then change game to DotA.

Saw Eunice, Hui Juan and Su Jun at plaza. They were having their dinner at Suki Shu Shi. Eunice said to treat me to eat next time. Haha... Better mean it ok Eunice. =X Lol...
~Cheng Kim Wee, 12:14 AM
Frog leg...
Friday, July 18, 2008

Just came back home. Went out with Kang Jie, Wei Xiong, Wei Wen, Bing Chao and Rachel today. Meet them at Nanyang Poly around 8pm. Was planning to go Geylang to eat Frog Leg Porriage but we were too hungry already. So settle at Ang Mo Kio to eat the Frog Leg instead.

I love to eat Frog Leg, the meat is very Q and tender. But I don't like the one we at at S11. Not that nice. The meat wasn't really that tender at all. Geylang's one is way better that. Should really go and try Geylang's one next time.

Brought milk tea at Mos Burger and they brought some durian too and went to eat at the pool side. Oh my god. Durian again. Why people keep on eating durian during the durian season?? Ok, shall not carry on the next sentence. You guys should know what I am going to say next. Hahaha...

Chill and joke around at the pool side for quite some time. Cinderella have to go home before 12 so we all left. Miss the last bus by a few second. Cab home in the end. It's all Cinderella's fault. You should go home earlier. Haha... Just kidding. Ayyyeeerr...... -.-. .- .-. - --- --- -. sound. Lol...
~Cheng Kim Wee, 1:19 AM
Surprise success...
Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Muhahaha... Yesterday Birthday surprise for Alex was a success!!!

The element of surprise group of people, James, Daniel, Chen Yong and I, went to Alex's house yesterday night just before his birthday is going to end soon. Just when he thought his birthday is going to end without celebrating, we came up to his house and surprise him with his birthday cake. Hahaha...

He must be very happy and touched to have friends like us. He was so touched that he cried in the toilet and saying he was bathing as an excuss. Never mind Alex. We know you are touched. I understand you are 18 now, you have to grow up and man won't drop tears so easily in front of other people. We know, we know. 15 July 2008 is a day you won't forgot. =)

Alex's family brought a cake and was ready to celebrate with him too. Celebrated with his family, eat the cakes and chats a while at his house. Went to Hougang Plaza and played some LAN gaming. We had a game of DotA, half a game of C&C and lots of Team Fortress. Team Fortress was a very fun and exciting game. We play like crazy out there. Lol... Went home around 3.30am.

Today, late for school on purpose. Cause too tired already. Haha... Went to Compass Point, Pizza Hut and meet Bing Chao, Kang Jie and Rachel there. Had some pizzas and went to the library to study. Study? I studied too ok. I studied on my Basic Theory Test. Haha... My BTT is this Friday. Hope can pass. xD
~Cheng Kim Wee, 10:12 PM
Happy Birthday, Alex...
Monday, July 14, 2008

Ok, 1st thing 1st... In a few minutes time will be Alex's birthday. Happy Birthday Alex!!! May all your wish comes true. Wake up and be a man, you are not a boy anymore Lex. All the best to what ever you do. Hope you will succeed in life. Now is left with that jail bird James to turn 18. =X

Not much happening recently that's why not much updates. School sucks and I don't wanna blog about boring school stuffs. No one wants to listen to boring school stuffs anyway. So much projects to do. So boring... zZz

Bing Chao is a real ._ ... ... . He is one such _._. .... . . _... _.__ . . You will never get things done if you put me and him together. We can work together but we can't work with each other. Never mind, forget about it. Long story. Lol...

Dinner with Bing Chao, Kang Jie and Wei Wen at Hougang after school, nothing much. They brought smelly durain back to Wei Wen's house to enjoy. I don't like durain. What so tasty about durain? It stinks.

Why are there so many people eating durain during the durian season? Do people always have sex during mating season??
~Cheng Kim Wee, 11:38 PM
Red Cliff...
Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hi guys, I am back from my 3 days 2 night of chalet with James, Daniel, Shirley, Fiona, Alex and Chen Yong. Very tired and very fun too. After today, I don't know when will we got to meet ups and have gathering again. Everyone will be very busy doing their own things. So this is a unforgettable chalet for us. =) At least something for me to be happy for...

1st day, Thursday...

Came back from school and I got myself prepared and went to Costa Sand in the evening alone. James, Daniel, Alex, Fiona, Shirley was already there preparing our steam boat. Haha... We have steam boat in our chalet for dinner. What a good idea to have our dinner like this. So special. Lol...

Alex went home after that cause he got something on. The rest of us went to watch mid night movie at E!Hub. Went to the play some games at the arcade 1st to kill time. Play games like the Mario Kart. Lol... Mario Kart is so funny and cute. Can attack or throw stuffs at other racers. Lol...

As you all know, all arcade will have this 'catch the doll' machine. The machine where you put a dollar coin in and try your luck to see weather you can catch a doll or not. That machine wasn't totally about luck actually. It is about skill. We saw this uncle wearing Ashworth shirt with 2 big bags of dolls. Oh yea... He caught plenty of it. I don't know how he do it but he seems to catch a doll every time he tries. I suspect that he is working there. o.O

Ok, it's time for our movie. The movie we watch the movie, 'Red Cliff'. It is a very very nice war movie. Can't really explain how nice the movie was, you got to watch the movie yourself. It is a movie worth watching and I don't mind watching it over and over again. Its just too fantastic. No wonder they spent so much money making this movie. And it is not over. There is part 2 by the way. Be sure to catch part 2. 5 stars for Red Cliff part 1. Best...

2nd day, Friday...

We sleep all the way til 3pm. We was all so tired. Lol... Have dinner at the coffee shop and Alex and Chen Yong join us in the night. More people more merrier and laughter. Went to E!Hub and catch movie again. Saw QiYa eating at Burger King with her friend.

We to the arcade again while waiting for our movie and guess who we saw at the arcade this time? We saw AshWorth again. Told you he was working there. Same like yesterday, he got 2 bags of dolls. The arcade will close down soon if he went there to catch dolls everyday. But I don't think that arcade will close down cause I think he is working there. Why? Why cause he is there to temp those people there. When people see him with so many bags of dolls, they will have the urge to catch it too. So many fools are being tricked by him. Daniel is 1 of those. =X Lol...

The movie this time we watch is HellBoy 2. I don't find the movie nice. The monster is so ugly and it makes the movie even worst. The movie is like a kids show. Red Cliff is still the best. Oh Yes. By the way, I catch Hancock on the net and it wasn't that nice too. It is like 'I am Legend'. No link. Red Cliff is still the best. Haha... Red Cliff stole the show. Red Cliff Red Cliff!!! Make sure you all catch Red Cliff. xD

After movie, back to chalet to sleep while some of them drinks. I sleep all the way through didn't really know what happen but they seems to enjoy drinking. The sad part is none of them is drank. All left our dirty chalet early in the morning. Tired but FUN!!! =)
~Cheng Kim Wee, 6:56 PM
Save me, kill me...
Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Just came back from school. Schools seems to be more and more meaningless to me. Nothing seems to be right for me. A series of unfortunate events just keeps on coming and I am starting to be more and more pessimistic. No point for being too optimistic when everything just keeps on to be negative in the end. Some times I wonder, would I change into a totally different person? I am changing already, things just don't seems right for me.

Sorry for being too aggressive in the previous post. I don't mean to scold anyone like this. I just wanted to release some of my stress so just took someone as a scapegoat. He is doing his job and I am not doing mine. Maybe I should put in a little more effort but where can I find effort?? How do I find Effort when my Hope is already Lost.

The section head spoke to me about my result today. He understand my situation and he is going to find the course manager and talk about it hoping that they can get a retest for me. But deep down inside, I know it wasn't going to happen. Nothing good will come for me right now. Is like someone laid a curse on me or what so ever. It's just not going to happen.

People always tell me, "Not to worry, God will help you." I am not really of a believer but I do wonder who or why someone or something is playing a prank on me giving me such miserable life. If 'God' really do help, then I am I getting this kind of misery? I didn't kill anyone or done anything wrong, why me? Is it because I was a real jack ass my past life or what? Or is it just my destiny? I can't be the prom king, I can't be the 1/4 back. What am I? What am I suppose to do God oh mighty.

If I got to choose where I want to go, Heaven or Hell, I will like to go to Hell. I don't think the worst place to be is Hell. The worst place to be should be Heaven. Heaven is the place where 'Gods' choose how you got to Live or Die. I don't want to be the one choosing people's fate. It makes no different being a murderer. I would rather be a humble soul living in Hell.

Somebody please save me... If not, kill me....
~Cheng Kim Wee, 3:37 PM
Monday, July 07, 2008

This will be my blog's 400th post and in this post, it sucks big time. As you all know, this year wasn't a good year for me at all. All the bad things just keep coming like it never end. Just when I thought I my life is going to be better, others bad things just keeps coming my way. I can't see the path to my future. Do I still got future?

Today was the 1st day of school and I am starting to dislike my class adviser. I gets to know my actual GPA result for last term. And my GPA result drop ridiculously from 4 to 2. What the Fuck man. What the Fuck Mr Puah. This is the kind of result you going to give me? Can't you be more understanding and show a little bit of mercy? How am I going to Poly with a overall GPA of 3?

You are so biased. You only gave high marks to those people who sucks and carry your balls right? Why can't you be as good as my last year class adviser? Did you work for students or did you just work for money? What for working in schools where you only care about is money and students who love to carry your balls huh. You told me I drop marks is all because of my medical reason but I can still pass but what I want is not only just a pass. I wanted to go to Poly son of the Bitch. All that I work so hard for my 1st year is all ruin by you Mr Puah Chee Bye. I will never forgive you. _l_

Did I have to waste another 2 years in Higher Nitec or what? 2 years man. Not 2 days, 2 weeks or 2 month. 2 years... 2 years spent in Nitec, another 2 years in Higher Nitec, plus the National Service will be another 2 years. Do I have to wait 6 years to get my career started? I am so not interested in studying already. What for working so many years and what I get was another 2 years of crap. ITE really stands for Is The End. I can't see my path to my future. Do I still got a future? _l_
~Cheng Kim Wee, 10:29 PM

Yoz... Hi people, I am back from Malaysia... =)

What a nice and wonderful trip there. Got to meet up with my lovely cousins there once again and of course, to see my lovely grandma. =) Hehe...

The trip there from Singapore to Batu Pahut was tiring. Got to queue for such a long time at the causeway and the long journey to my grandma house. We set off at 7am and reach there at 1pm. Went to bed and have a rest once I reach there. Haha...

At night, my uncle wanted to bring me and my cousin to a pub. I never been to a pub before, don't really know what is pub like. But in the end, didn't went there cause there is no more Live Band. Went to some other cafe instead with Live Band!! Haha...

We went to this Cafe call Halo. What a nice place to chill. The Singers are like around my age and they really play and sing well. Not that kind of hard rock band, but those soft and lovely music. My uncle and cousin had their beers while I enjoy my soda. Haha...

The next day, wakes up early in the morning and went to eat our breakfast with my uncle and cousin again. We ate Roti Pranta. Nothing special right? But Malaysia Roti Pranta is different from Singapore Jalan Kayu. Their Roti Pranta is crispy and nice. Haha...

Went to my uncle's farm after we had breakfast. It was my uncle's Banana and Papaya farm. Many banana and papaya was being grown there. I had a very nice experience there. Though it is very dirty with flies flying all over the place but I have fun there. Haha...

I am so proud that I actually experience kampong life. Very few Singaporeans had this kind of experience like me. Like playing water in the drain, chasing ducks and chicken around, riding motorbike and end up in the drain again was all my kampong fun experience. Haha...

Went to eat lunch at this average place before we leave Malaysia. At there it was average. No air-con, lots of flies flying around, dirty was their average but for Singaporeans they will consider it as quite low class. Ok... The main point is, we saw the Malaysia Health Minster there sitting at the table next to us.

He is one of the big gun in Malaysia. Got to see him at this kind of places was rather rare. He was Doctor Chan if I am not wrong. Can't really remember his name but all Malaysians should know cause he is a son of a gun. He got a piece of dirty news. He was caught having sex with another girl in a Hotel and the video is release. Heard of this big news before? =X

So after lunch, went to board our bus and travel all the way back to Singapore. What a wonderful day. Should revisit my grandma more often. =)

School reopening soon... 1 word, boring... Got to sleep early tonight.

New pics added at my last post.
~Cheng Kim Wee, 12:58 AM
Saturday, July 05, 2008

Had a mini gathering with some of my Npcc friends on Wednesday. So long never be in touch with them already. Miss them so much. Haha... Got lots of catching up to do. We had our dinner at Compass Point Ajisen. And chill at Seng Kang CC after that. 1 thing for sure, we have fun and joy together. Lots of past memories being brought back and that is really wonderful. How I wish I could go back to the time where we have training together. =)

This morning, watch the movie 'You Don't Mess with the Zohan'. Was a very silly movie. Funny, but rather stupid actually. Not really a nice movie for me though. 1.5 stars. =X

Just now went to have dinner with Bing Chao, Wei Wen, Kang Jie, Wei Xiong, Xiong Wei, Yan Ying and Rachel. Went to Serangoon Garden and have our dinner at Aston. Food was good! =) Better then Botak Jones. And I finish up my whole plate of food. Normally I can't finish my food with that kind of amount but I finish it this time!!! Haha... Wonderful...

After that, some left and the rest of us went to eat dessert at Dessert Bowl. Its a very nice place. Very comfortable, nice quiet place to enjoy a sweet bowl of dessert. Haha... Will go back there again for sure. =)

Tomorrow going back to Malaysia to visit my Grandma. Yeah... Won't be in Singapore for 2 days.
~Cheng Kim Wee, 1:13 AM

- Cheng Kim Wee
- 18 years old
- 17th April 1990


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