Saturday, September 29, 2007

Haiz... I had been staying at home all the while during my holidays. Really got nothing to do at home. I even went to internet to watch my favorite childhood cartoon, Pokemon. Haha... Cute right? -_- That is what happen to a person when you got nothing to do.

And thanks guys for asking me out today. Went out with Kang Jie, Wei Wen, Bing Chao and Xiong Wei just now to Jalan Kayu to have our supper. We had a good meal there. There is our old place. Haha...

After meal we went to Rivervale Plaza to find Wei Xiong at the Mac Donalds. But Mac is too crowded so we brought our food and went to Future park. We played around the park like the park belongs to us. Haha... Don't know what happen to Wei Xiong. He gets so happy and hyper when he reach there. He was like a mad cow running and playing here and there. LOL... Maybe he don't have a childhood. =X Just kidding... Hehe...

All of us played there too. We sat at the table, slack and chat. Have lots of fun with them talking about everything under the moon. We played at the park once more before we leave. Haha... All of us turn into Wei Xiong when we starts playing with the cycling thing. We paddle very fast and we gets so giddy. LOL... They walk me home and they took a cab home.
~Cheng Kim Wee, 2:26 AM
Happy Birthday, Mel...
Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Melissa, may all your wish come true. =) Hope you will pass your 'O' level with good grades. =D Take care...

^The group picture above is my beautiful gan mei and the other picture is the group photo we took yesterday at Punggol Park. Too bad Edwin wasn't inside. He help us took this picture.

Oh Yes!!! Prison Break 3 episode 2 is out and I watch it 2 times already. Haha... What a great show that is. I don't mind watching it for a 100 times. =) Omg... Can't wait for episode 3 to come out. It just gets more and more exciting. Haha...

Hmmm... No badminton for these few days. My hand is kind of itchy. Hey guys... When are we going to do our daily excersize? Hehe...
~Cheng Kim Wee, 11:42 PM
Lantern Festival...
Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Is Lantern Festival today!!! That means, we got to play fire today. Went to Punggol Park and meet up with my friends. So many of them were here today. What a surprise to see so many people today.

While, we have fun today. Did some stupid stuffs like making a rocket with fire crackers. Some flies high, some fail. But none of it hit the moon. The moon is so big and round today. Beautiful... My the sky, air and enviroment polluted. Punggol Park is fill with smoke everywhere.

Around 9 pm, we all left Punggol Park. Some of them went to play some LAN gaming and I went home. No money for LAN gaming. I am broke after Yuki Yaki a few days ago. =(

The above picture was nicely taken by Kai Min. Not taken by me but is my camera anyway. Haha...
~Cheng Kim Wee, 9:51 PM
PB 3...
Monday, September 24, 2007
Today, was rather a good day for me. I have watch Prison break Season 3 1st episode. Haha. I had nothing to do today so just went to the net and check weather there is any new video online to watch. Unexpectedly, they had upload the 1st episode of Prison Break season 3. Haha... So happy. My favorite show.

I was wondering at 1st, what will the story be like in season 3. While, season 3 was also very exciting to watch. I watch just 1 episode and I like it a lot. =) Show me more Prison Break please. Haha...

I watch Armageddon online today too. I love that Aero Smith song. It is a old movie back in 1998. The reason why I watch it is because I hear the song playing when I am dreaming. I think my sister is the one who play the song when I dream.

It is a nice movie. The movie was very touching too together with the Aero Smith song. 4 starts for this movie. Hehe... I am going to listen to the song again. =D

~Cheng Kim Wee, 6:21 PM
Mel's Party...
Sunday, September 23, 2007

This afternoon, I've been woke up by a bird while I am sleeping so soundly. The bird kept chipping outside my window looking at me like it is going to tell me something. But sorry bird, I don't 'gong jiao wei' and I don't understand you. xD This wasn't the 1st time I've been woke by a bird. Maybe the bird really wanted to send me a message. Haha...

Today, we celebrate Melissa 17th birthday. Happy be early birthday to you Mel. Same as last year, we celebrated at Marina Square, Yuki Yaki. I went to meet Esther 1st before meeting the rest. I help her pass the present to Mel.

We were early and we settle down and waits for the rest to come before we starts to eat. So many people is here today. Micheal, Daniel, Jing Zhong, Li Jie, Yi Sheng, Kenneth, Kai Min, He Jun, Wei Loon, Liang Xian, Brendan, Ah Chen, Yen Hsin, Joycelyn, Xin Yi, Li xin, Angela, Sharon, Sheue Lee, Shu Juan and JIA MIN were all her to join the party. Haha Simei. Don't say I forget to name you again hor.

We all had fun eating and I am sitting inside of the table. It is hard for me to walk in and out or for me to cook. So all the food and drinks were all prepare for me. Haha... I just have to sit inside and wait. xD Thanks guys for helping. =)

After we ate was the caking cutting ceremony. After that we had a 20 over people group photo. Chats around for a while and we all went home. All tired and sleepy. We had a great time today didn't we? Haha... To have a gathering with all my friends was always good. =) I am waiting for Melissa to send me the pictures. The picture now is unavailble.
~Cheng Kim Wee, 12:53 AM
Good Bye Jose... =(
Friday, September 21, 2007

Omg... I really had a low moral today. Bad things happen to me today. Actually not really that bad, but my moral is low. Chelsea, my favorite club. José Mourinho, my favorite manager. 1 of the most successful manager in history. He had won lots of cups and league in Chelsea but why? Why Chelsea part him? He is such a good manager. Haiz... Good Bye José Mourinho. Thanks for all the contribution.

Today we to play badminton again. Went to Kai Min's house 1st to meet him and Marcus. Edwin and Kenneth later came and join us. We play at 424 instead of 406 because it is windy and its hot. Evening was damn windy. We didn't play much. All our shutter cock is spoil. We need to buy some new one guys.

Wei En and Daniel came and join us later in the day. I saw Shirley that cat while playing. Saw Joycelyn and Zi Xun too. Soon, night falls. Not much wind in the night. We finally can play some real badminton. I lost 1 of my GP rechargeable battery. Damn sad. Low moral again. =( But I had a great time playing badminton with them. Thanks guys. =)
~Cheng Kim Wee, 1:26 AM
1st day of holiday...
Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hello, Eeeh... 1st day of my holiday spent playing badminton with Kai Min, Marcus, Alex and Nigel at 409. I woke up early in the morning, 9.30 am to play badminton with them. Today was a windy day. Stupid wind keep blowing our shutter away. We have to stop and waits for the wind every seconds.

I didn't know Alex had a dog. I think it was a Chi Wawa. So small and skinny. Very young and timid. I try to touch it but it refuse to let me. Slowly, I trick the dog and it finally let me touch. I walk the dog around while others play badminton.

Around 12, we went to the coffee shop to have our lunch. We change our location to 424 cause 409 is too windy. Marcus and Nigel went home and left the 3 of us. We continue playing but don't know why like no mood to play already. Maybe is the wind or maybe we all wake up early and we are all tired. So we went home and I had a good afternoon sleep. =)
~Cheng Kim Wee, 9:41 PM
Its Holiday!!!
Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Oh Yes!!! Today was the last day of school for me. Though, we haven officially holiday yet I am not going to school the next 3 days. Anyway, went to school also nothing to do. I rather sleeps at home then going to school wasting time.

These few days won't be updating that much because it is holiday. Which also means, nothing much for me to do. Omg... I miss badminton. I want to play badminton right now. But too bad, all the sec 5 people are still having their prelims so can't disturb them. Peeps, ask me out for badminton if you guys need a player. Anyone will do, no need to be that pro. Haha...
~Cheng Kim Wee, 7:02 PM
Badminton week...
Sunday, September 16, 2007

Woot... I had badminton 2 days in a roll. Tired but fun. =) I enjoy playing badminton now a days. Haha... Yesterday play together with Marcus, Kai Min, Wei En, Nigel, Alex and Daniel. Today Alex and Daniel cannot make it but Ethel join us. Kai Min and Wei En just brought 2 new racket for $60. Which means we are going to play badminton more often. Haha... We played for many hours and we are all tired. But we enjoy lots. =) When is the next time we play badminton guys? Remember to call me. =D

15.9 3 of my friends had the birthday on the same day. Janna, Jeffery and Wan Tong. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! May all your wish come true. =D Haha...

Suddenly miss Mt Ophir so much. I miss all the fun I had with all my friends there. Too bad this year Mt Ophir was cancel because someone had been killed by a dropping tree while sleeping in his tent. Mt Ophir was really fun last year and last 2 years. I made lots of friends there and we help each other to reach the top of the mountain. Mt Ophir Rocks. =D
~Cheng Kim Wee, 12:13 AM
Thursday, September 13, 2007

Yawns... Starts school early today. I'm tired. -_- Never mind, a few more days to holidays. =) GPA4, here I come. And not forgetting, poly too. Haha... Or perhaps Uni? LOL... Just kidding. Poly will do. xD

Yesterday, Indonesia, Sumatra had a 8.2 magnitude earthquake. It had effected Singapore, Malaysia and even Thailand. I was sitting in front of my computer and my chair starts to rock. I didn't know it was a earthquake at 1st. I thought someone was play with my chair but there is no one at home. Feel quite giddy too cause my w19e screen was rocking too.

I think in the not few 100 years. The epicenter will hit Singapore. No one is save on earth. Mother nature occurs anywhere and anytime. No one would have predict it. But by that time, I am already dead so nothing to be worry about. Haha... xD
~Cheng Kim Wee, 8:42 PM
New rival...
Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It is going to be holiday soon. Yeah... Haha... Today went to school didn't really did anything. Only talking cock in class with friends and teachers. Waited very long for P.E to start. I played street soccer with my friends during P.E. So long I didn't played soccer. We had fun today. Haha...

I got myself a new enemy in school. A new rival I should say. The teacher had spoken to him today. He is last term top student but now, his discipline had drop. 2 guys in class already overtaken him and I am going to be the 3 guy to overtake him if he doesn't change. We both got the same marks for the test and now, it is up to the practical marks.

I don't really mind if I get the class 3rd position or not. I just wants to go to poly the next 2 years. But it will still be good to get class 3rd position. Haha.. =)
~Cheng Kim Wee, 7:03 PM
End of 7th month?
Monday, September 10, 2007

^Here is a picture of Teo Kang Jie's 17th birthday. Here is your picture Kang Jie!!! Haha... xD

Test is over, but I still had to go school. Sian... Saw the 3 stars in bus 88 today while I going to school. Yes Hsin, Xin Yi and Li Xin. All the Xin Xin Xin. Haha... They just finish their Chemistry paper and I saw them in bus. What a coincidence.

School today is Boringgggg... Totally nothing to do in school. Just went there for attendance hoping to get GPA 4 this term. Test result is not officially out yet but I know my results. Haha... 1st paper wasn't that good for the whole class. The most only manage to get 68. I don't know how much I get for that paper but for the 2nd paper, I get 96 marks over 100. Hahahaha... Surprise right. LOL... I never get so much marks in my secondary school before. xD

Tomorrow school don't know will do what again. Yawns... 2 more weeks to holiday... Can anyone tell me, is today the end of the 7th month?
~Cheng Kim Wee, 11:35 PM
Hua Mu Lan...
Sunday, September 09, 2007

There is no school yesterday and I stay at home doing nothing. Feeling bored, I text to Wei Wen and ask him to go to his house and play Fifa. But he got to study for his 'O' levels and his dad had confiscated his Play Station. But later in the day, he called me and ask me to go his house and play for a while. Haha... Yeah... So happy to hear that.

We had some matches and that Wei Wen keep cheating. Haha... We had fun though. xD After playing with his Play Station, we went to play basketball with Xun Yan, Zhen Hao, Wei En, Chen Yong and Marcus. I think my hand is really injure after that time playing badminton in school. My arm is kind of pain when I twist or something. But never mind, I still carried on playing.

Later at night, Wei En and I went to Marcus house and watch the Jack Neo comedy show, Hua Mu Lan. Haha... Was lame but funny. A very long ago show that was. Watch til 2am and Wei En and I cycle at the center of the no car road and we went home. =)
~Cheng Kim Wee, 2:30 PM
Badminton Friday...
Friday, September 07, 2007

Woot... Just came back from badminton at Seng Kang Community Center. We book 2h and 2 court all together. All together there are 10 people. Marcus, Alex, Kai Min, Wei En, Timoty, Nigel, Edwin, Brendan, Kenneth, Gloria and You Kock Kiong and I. Haha...

Badminton at the indoor court was great. No sun and there is air-con. But time flies. Our 2h of time ended faster then we expected. I think my hand is kind of injure. Don't know why my hand hurts when I played. But I endure it all the way and I just carried on.

Went to Compass Point to accompany my friends for dinner at KFC. We saw the Care Bear dancing when we came up. LOL...

I was very tied now. Luckily there is no school tomorrow. Exam is over... Yeah... Time to slack a bit but still need to go school for attendance. Today's paper was alright. Can do some. Should be a pass.
~Cheng Kim Wee, 8:15 PM
The Bourne Ultimatum...
Thursday, September 06, 2007

Went out with my dear Jeffery, Alex Chen Yong and Pok Chuen yesterday. Long time no see Jeffery. =) We didn't really had any plan to go any where. We just went to Cathy and see what movie is interesting. We brought 5 tickets for The Bourne Ultimatum. It is a nice action pack movie. Exciting and interesting. 3.5/5 stars for that. =)

After movie, we went to eat at Paradiz food court to have our dinner. Pok Chuen went home after dinner and the rest of us went to play pool right beside the food court. Had a few rounds and we went back home. Saw Joyce and Kelly chatting in the MRT station.

When I was about to go home, Xiong Wei called me to go Jalan Kayu. Just nice I was at the MRT station. I was the 1st to reach and slowly, Xiong Wei, Wei Xiong, Wei Wen, Kang Jie, Leong Cheong and Bing Chao came. Took the LRT to Jalan Kayu and ate roti pranta as we always do.

We walk all the way back home and I reach home at around 2.15am. Wake up today at 7.15am and I am having flu. Maybe I didn't have enough sleep. Test is tomorrow, I am going to study now. Hope I can do well in my test. =D
~Cheng Kim Wee, 1:05 PM
Seoul Garder once more...
Wednesday, September 05, 2007

School in the morning as usual. Join a interesting club which is remote control car club. Hopefully it will be fun. I join it just to have fun and play with the newly brought remote control car which cost about $800 each. By right today lesson ends at 5 but my teacher got something on later so he dismiss us at 12pm.

Went to Seoul Garden once more with my AMK friends, Alvin, Hafiz, Shaiful, Hisyam and Azil. The malays are having their fasting month soon so we plan to eat at Seoul Garden. Eat lots of stuffs. My hand get burns many times. I love the soup, Chinese Herbal. =) It is nice.

After we ate, we went to the achard. Walk around and see Alvin playing the car game and after that, we all went home.
~Cheng Kim Wee, 1:36 AM
Monday, September 03, 2007

I miss you guys... =')
~Cheng Kim Wee, 11:47 PM
Happy Birthday, Kai Min...
Saturday, September 01, 2007
The teachers' Celebration...
The Teachers' cake...
The Teachers...
The Teachers' students...

I miss you guys... =D
We sure are happy to see each other. =))
Misses... =))

Happy Birthday to Kai Min. =)
~Cheng Kim Wee, 4:04 PM

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