Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Opps... Skip school today. =X I overslept and I was really very tired. I didn't have enough sleep because I went out with James, Alex and Zhen Yin after school yesterday. I accompany them to Tiong Baru to see the private school PSB. They are checking to see what the school is about. I was there just to accompany them. xD

Went to Vivo City after that. Book 3 tickets for the movie Cloverfield but Zhen Yin is not watching. So walk around finding people who work at Vivo City before the movie start. Went to Levi's to find Jing Zhong. Oh Yes! Happy Birthday Jing Zhong and Esther. May all your wish come true. Haha...

Jing Zhong accompany us during his break. We went to Burger King to eat and have a chat with him. Went for our movie after eating at Burger King. Cloverfield is a boring movie and it surly will make your dizzy. The movie don't have any ending at all. 1/2 star for the movie. Wasted my time watching the movie.

So went home after that. I was enjoying the online game Kart Rider. Go download it and play with me guys. xD
~Cheng Kim Wee, 8:23 PM
Sunday, January 27, 2008

Yesterday went home very early after eating supper with Wei Wen, Wei Xiong, Kang Jie, Bing Chao and Leong Cheng. Early as in early in the morning 5 am. Haha... We went to Jalan Kayu to have our supper and chat at a bus stop trough out the night. Went home and sleep for a few hours and we had to meet up again for shopping!!!

Finally went to shop for my Chinese New Year clothes with the same people plus Kemund. Meet up at 3.30pm and went to Dhoby Ghaut to eat. Walk around Plaza Singapura and brought some clothes from Samuel & Kevin. Bus to Bugis for more shopping but didn't buy anything from there so walk to Suntec City and I brought a pair of Nike Shoe. Eat KFC and walk around before going back home.

It was a tiring day cause didn't really have enough sleep. Shopping is FUN!!! But you need to have a lot of cash before you shop. More cash more fun. Haha. I want to buy a Rubit Cube. It seems to be fun and I am still learning it. Yatta!!! Haha...

Now having confrence on Marcus phone. Going to hang up soon cause I still haven't bath and I want to sleep. So see ya...
~Cheng Kim Wee, 12:07 AM
Prison Break!!!
Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Lalala... I am so happy today. Whahaha... I have watch Prison Break episode 9 yesterday and I am waiting for episode 10 to load right now. What a surprise to see these 2 episode. I thought they a will be air until May. Haha... I am going to watch after the loading is complete. Loading is kind of slow though.

'O' level result will be releasing tomorrow. Good luck to all my friends. After 4/5 years of hard work, this is going to determine your future. Hope you guys can get some good results and get into anywhere you wanted. Too bad I got school tomorrow. Please inform me about your results. xD Haha...

My arm is feeling better after my 2nd treatment. Hope that there is nothing wrong with my arm and hope it recover asap. I don't want to go for a X-ray. I am afraid that it will affect me when I am in National Service.

Chinese New Year is coming!!! I want to buy some new clothes and shoe. Who want to do some shopping with me? Haha...
~Cheng Kim Wee, 5:36 PM
Sunday, January 20, 2008

Went for check up my arm yesterday with my mum at Hougang. We didn't go to the Yishun one because the guy seems to do the wrong thing. I wants to check about my arm, he check others things instead which I don't think is related. So decided to find a more professional doctor instead which is at Hougang and it is near. At least he knows what went wrong with me.

He is very friendly who got 4 daughter and 1 son. All wearing the square hat. He must be a good dad to rise up 5 wonder kid. He is very experience at his work. Rub my arm gently and it is very relaxing. He said there is something wrong with the vain inside. I need to go back for treatment for a few times. Hope it really works. I need my hand back badly.

I went out to play basketball today in the evening. I shouldn't have play. My hand still hurts. But it has been a long time and I can't help it. So went to shoot some ball only. The purpose coming down is to meet with up my friends. Friends like Chen Yong, Pok Chuen, Wei Wen, Xun Yan, Zhong Kai I never seen them in a very long time. Today finally got the chance to meet up with them.

Bad news bad news. Prison Break won't be out until May cause they are on strike. And others block basters like Heroes, Supernatural, Ugly Betty, Despo Housewife and all are on strike. I don't know what actually happen. Need to read more news to find out. Must be something to do with the management. Sarah and Scofield, I miss you. xD
~Cheng Kim Wee, 1:08 AM
What pays the price?
Thursday, January 17, 2008

I am in. Yes I am in the training for the WSS(World Skill Singapore) training but what pays the price? So little time for me to decide, so little time to think. But my decision is set. I am in for a intense training and there is no backing out. I had been through suffering all the time I am ready and I am able to handle pressure. Hope I can learn and gain experience trough this hard training. And hope I can represent Singapore some day in the WSC(World Skill Competition).

But not to be too optimistic. Don't forget, my arm is a still a burden to me. I am going to need treatment asap but my mum just don't understand. Feel like shouting out right now. Who knows what I have been trough. I can't be able to move my right arm freely. Every time I try to move it hurts. I can't even play sports like basketball, badminton and many others sports. I am just like a handicap. And what about my future? How am I going to do heavy duty in the National Service? Dam it. Fuck!

The training is gonna use lots of arm power for sure. Not to talk about Npcc. I won't be able to pick out the time for Cadet Inspector course. It is a hard decision for me joining this WSC training. I really hope I can gain something out of this or maybe represent Singapore someday. This is gonna affect my studies in Ite and Poly for sure. Hope this is a wise decision.

My school have this Cca fare in the hall today. I went to take a look around. Join quite a number of Ccas hoping to get some Cca points and of course, have fun! I have sign up for Soccer beginner class. I am not good enough to be in the school team. =X Enterprenia and Remote Control Car Club too just to have fun. OAC for even more fun and last, Photography.

I have passion in Photography. Its my hobby. I am a beginner for that but I can say my pictures aren't that bad. Not the best of all but still not bad I guess. Flipping trough the photos put up by the club I thinks that I got the standards and the skills. I just need a SLR thats all. It has been a long time since I last have some real photo taking with my friends.

Cycling is another hobby that I have not been doing. I can get the time to do so but no company. I miss Night Cycling so much man. Where have my Night Riders and Photographers Gang been to?
~Cheng Kim Wee, 9:16 PM
Prison Break...
Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ok. Some updates. Today went to school in the morning. Lucky the bus service wasn't like last time so crowded. Lets see how is the bus on Thursday which is the day where I almost miss the chance to Singapore Poly.

Soccer with my classmate during lunch break. I love playing soccer but not under the hot sun. It keeps absorbing my energy. xD Zamir fell on a dirty spot and get hurt badly. I accompany him to Seng Kang Polyclinic to see a doctor. Polyclinic is always so many people. Got to go here and there and take number all these and need to wait very long. So troublesome. Haha. But it is a good experience. I can come for check ups next time.

Went back to North Vista yesterday and today for camp craft training. There is improvement in the team. Good job and keep it up. Keep training and maintain your quality!!! Must get at least a 3rd place like last time I get mine. Haha...

Today went home so disappointed. No prison break to watch. Prison break should be out by now. Lets wait and see tomorrow. So til now. Sleep. zZz...
~Cheng Kim Wee, 10:56 PM
TP open house 2008...
Saturday, January 12, 2008
A random painting on the wall...
TP building...
The performance...
Akido performance. Look at that!!! That is Shen Long being toss in the middle. xD Haha...
Why TP?
The fun dance...
By TP students...
The Funny skit...
Eunice's skit...
Pose... xD
Final Judging...

Pose... xD
Pic of the day!!!
My sec 1 friend, Eunice Chua!!!
Ok, time to blog. Fall asleep too early yesterday. Yesterday was really a fun day at Temasek Poly open house. Thanks Kang Jie and Wei Xiong for accompanying me to this wonderful open house and introducing your campus to me. =)

Yesterday went to school in the morning 1st before going to Temasek Poly. Dismiss at 12 and went to Kang Jie house to met up with him and Wei Xiong and bus to Temasek Poly. I really hate bus these few days. The bus is packed with lots and lots of people again.

Collect the goodie bag once I reach there. There is a coupon inside which can exchange a 'I am...' shirt. The shirt is nice and everyone want a hand one that shirt. I take the goodie bag around 3 times just to get the shirt for my friends. Haha... Oh Yes... Specking of friends, I do find lots of familiar faces there. People like Bell, Zhen Hui, Eunice Chua, Janice, Claudia, Leong Cheng, Rayson, Jia Shen, Kemund, He Jun, Wei Loon and some of the North Vista Juniors and Teachers, miss them so much, so happy to see them. Haha...

Thanks to Kang Jie and Wei Xiong for bringing me around to look at the courses once again. I will be lost if I didn't have you guys. But I didn't find any courses that is interesting. I came to TP because I am interested in the course Psychology but they don't take Nitec students. So disappointed. =( But its ok, I have fun in TP. Haha...

The best thing in TP is to watch the skit at LT 19, Eunice's skit. Haha... That skit is the best man. Really very entertaining and very funny. Haha... The whole theater is like laughing their ass off. xD The was the most fun part. =)

What really interest me in TP is their students spirit. They not only study but they have fun while they study in TP. Their open house is way much more better then SP. xD

Went to RP to have our dinner. RP, Rivervale Plaza, not Republic Poly. Haha... Went home after we ate. What a tired and fun day at TP. =) NYP later? Maybe... xD
~Cheng Kim Wee, 9:51 AM
Friday, January 11, 2008

What the Hell man. Dam disappointed with Sbs bus transit today. It almost cost me my trip to Singapore Poly open house. I woke up at 7.30am today, get myself prepare and went to the bus stop and wait for bus 88 at 8am. I am suppose to be in school by 8.30am today. Bus from my school to Singapore Poly leave at 9.

The bus came quite late. It came around 8.20am and the bus is packed with plenty of people inside. I can't have the chance to get into the bus. So I was thinking to myself, maybe I should wait for a few more minute for a bus with lesser people. Late for a while won't matter anyway.

So I wait, and wait and wait and continue waiting until the next bus came at 8.50am. Both bus are having the same situation. It came very late and it is full of people inside. I can't get into that bus either. I am going to be late for sure and I am going to miss the bus to Singapore Poly. Omg... What took the bus so long to come? Dam... I had to wait for another bus.

3d bus arrive at 9.15am. Still the same as the previous 2 buses. Pack and late. This time, I try to squeeze myself into the bus. I am not going to wait anymore. I was suppose to reach school by 8.30am and I end up reaching school at 9.45am. Lucky the bus to Singapore Poly haven't arrive too. It drive into Amk Ite together with me. What if I miss the bus to Singapore Poly? I will have to go to Dover alone. Gosh. How lucky am I. The sun is by my side today. Haha. School journey today, from 8am-9.45am. Usually from 8am-8.30. What a huge difference.

So happy that I was able to take the bus to Singapore Poly. Went around taking free drinks and ice-cream and looking for some interesting courses alone. Singapore Maritime Academy, Nautical Studies seems very interesting to me. Maybe my future is a ship captain? Haha. I should name myself, Captain Jack Sparrow. xD Just Kidding. Haha... That course should be my 1st choice.

Went back to school cause having meeting with the HOD about the World Skill Competition thing. Waste my time going back to school. Everyone is already at home relaxing. Argh...

Went out with Bing Chao, Wei Wen and Kang Jie for dinner at Kovan. Plan by Bing Chao. He wants to go Kovan because he wanted to eat soya bean curd. Dinner at Heartland Mall and went to Wei Wen house after that. Stay at his house for a while and went home. Tomorrow going Tp. Anyone wants to go with me too?
~Cheng Kim Wee, 12:01 AM
1st day of school...
Wednesday, January 09, 2008
Save the Cheerleader, Save the World...

Hmmm... I am going to finish watching Heroes season 2 today. I am on the last episode now and I am waiting it to load. So far, Heroes is a pretty cool drama to watch. How cool will it be if I got the ability to fly. But kind of think of it, having these abilities comes great responsibilities. Maybe I will reconsider to fly high next time. Haha...

The cheerleader in the drama is pretty cute and she is young too. It will be great if I got to know her. Some others actress in the drama looks pretty too, like the girl with super memories, the girl with super strength and the girl with lightning powers. They really know how to find people to act. Those actors are really handsome too. The Japan guy is really cute and funny. Haha.

Hmmm... I haven't update on my 1st day of school. 7.1.2008, is the date where my school reopens. It is also my 1st lesson in Ite 2nd year. As expected, school is boring. We had a even worst time table and our lesson ends really late. 1 more year to suffer but I will persevere for my dreams to Poly so that no one will look down on me.

I did a good deed on my 2nd day of school. I was in the bus on the way to school. The bus is packed with lots of people. I offer my sit to an old man. Haha. Isn't that kind? My something brought to my attention. Why was I the one who offer the sit to the old man? I was like sitting at the center back of the bus. Did anyone saw that old man looking for a sit? No one even bother to offer the sit to that old man. Some pretend to sleep, some pretend that they never notice. That is whats wrong with Singaporeans. Hope everyone can be more like me.

3nd day of school, today. I had a meeting with a teacher today regarding about the World Skill Competition. I am selected together with 7 other people and we are going to undergo a rough training. Hope I can handle the pressure and represent Singapore in the World Skill Competition some day.

Shall end my blog here. Got to get back to watch Heroes. Bye...
~Cheng Kim Wee, 9:00 PM
School reopening...
Monday, January 07, 2008

Oh no... I've got to sleep early tonight cause school is starting Tomorrow!! Got to wake up early in the morning tomorrow which means I can't continue watching my 2nd favorite Tv series, Heores. Maybe I can gets up early to watch another episode? Haha...

As you all might know, I am afraid of the cold and we are having the cold weather period right now. What's worst? My house water heater just spoil. I have to bath in cold water!! Every bath for me is like Ice-ing. I have to take a quick bath to prevent myself from freezing. How I wish I had a bathtub with warm water inside.

I went to have my haircut with Wei Wen today at Punggol. Not really nice and I don't like it. I can't do anything cause it is already cut. It will grow back anyway. Went Hougang to find Kang Jie for lunch and back to home.

Saw Mum and Sis on the way home. Accompany them to find a new phone for my sister. I am getting 1 too but not in a hurry. I think my sister is insane. She got no self discipline and respect for others. All she cares about is herself. You may insult me and even call me 'stupid' and you don't care who you hurt. You don't even thinks before you specks. I think I am more educated then you even though you are from the Uni, I am from the Ite.
~Cheng Kim Wee, 12:15 AM
Happy Birthday, Joycelyn...
Sunday, January 06, 2008

Happy Birthday to Joycelyn and not forgetting my Amk friend, Alvin and and and, my cousin, Ah Bee!!! May all your wish come true. =)

These few day I have been very busy somehow. Lots of things happen these few day and school is reopening soon in like 2 days time. I will be looking forward to my 2nd year in Amk Ite. =)

Yesterday, went out for dinner with my dear cousins, Pei Si, Kim Ann, Ah Girl Sis, Simon and Ah Bee at Heartland Mall, Thai Express. Dinner is on Pei Si. So nice of her to treat us this wonderful meal. It has been long since we last met. Yesterday's gathering was just too great. Dinner was good. Thanks a lot Pei Si. Haha...

After we ate, went to Hougang Plaza cause we can't find anything to do except for playing number ball. Have a few rounds of number balls and I've won 2 matches. 4 of us is playing and the all 4 of us was like, noob? We had a hard time trying to end the game. Haha. That's why I miss out this year sec 1 camp fire. Can't go and join them.

This morning, I woke up quite early without the help of the alarm clock. Don't know why. Maybe I wasn't feeling that well enough. My throat feels very uncomfortable and I am down with cough. I went down for Camp Craft training since I had nothing much to do in the morning.

My buddy Leong Cheng and Wei Wen was here too and so do my team member Kah Wai. Thats great, all the 3 flag stuffs members are here. Why not we erect 1 flag pole to motivate the juniors? Great idea huh? Haha. But things didn't turn out so well for us for our 1st try after 2 years. We got lots of things which cope up and it was really funny though. Haha. Thats fun actually. Lol...

Ok, so our 1st try was a fail demo. Lets go for a break and come back for 1 more try. This time, it was much more better. Everything went smoothly and everything is not bad. We still got the skills. Haha... What a fun training today.

Went home and out again in the evening for Joycelyn Birthday Celebration. I wasn't feeling that well. I am having problem with my running nose. Thats why I was late. Location for Joycelyn Birthday is at Marina Square, Breeks. Surprisingly, I wasn't the last to reach as I thought I am going to be. Haha. The girls ordered their food and it turns cold cause they are waiting for others to arrive.

Tried of waiting, we starts to eat. I ordered Fish & Chips. Hmmm... Not bad, but Fish & Co. are better of course. Chat around with my old friends. It has been a long time since we last met. Miss you guys so much. Haha. But only got to see the 18 of them. It could have be more if others didn't work on that day. Alex, Daniel, Li Jie, Liang Xian, Wei Loon, He Jun, Edwin, Kai Min, Jing Zhong, Chun How, Leonard, Kenneth, Sheue Lee, Jia Min, Xin Yi, Angela and Cheryl all came down to celebrate Joycelyn's Birthday. What a lucky girl with great friends around. Haha.

Sang a Birthday song together with the Breeks workers. The workers there are really friendly. =) Finish up the cake before we set off. Went to the Esplanade and to Clarke Quay and train home. Didn't know where the rest is going. I went home early. Have fun guys. =)
~Cheng Kim Wee, 12:41 AM
Friday, January 04, 2008

This few days of staying at home makes me feels kind of bored. I miss my favourite Tv series 'Prison Break'. I still have to wait until January 14. Right now, I found a new series for myself to watch. Heroes...' It's a nice show to watch. Very mysterious, very cool but not really as exciting as 'Prison Break'. 'Prison Break' is still the best. Hope this series won't be like 'Lost'. 'Lost' is just a waste of time.

Today went out with James, Alex and Chen Yong for dinner at Punggol Park, Bliss. My 2nd time there. Wonderful. Haha. Told you I will go back there. It is a nice place. =) I had a really heavy dinner there. We ordered lots of things.

Went to Hougang Plaza to play some Lan Gaming after we ate. Played Command & Conquer Generals. I won. I own all 3 of them. I am the unstoppable General!!! Haha... Dota was next. Long time we didn't touch Dota. My team is winning but the shop is closing. Quit the game and back to home. Hmmm... Great dinner today. When is next?
~Cheng Kim Wee, 1:06 AM
Hello 2008...
Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Hello 2008!!! Good bye 2007... xD Happy New Year to everyone. =)

A new year, a new beginning. How is your 2007 people?? While my 2007 is pretty fine. I not only complete my 1st year in Ite but I complete it with a wonderful result which may lead me to poly in the next 1 year. Hope my next year result will be just as good as this year's. =)

The most unforgettable moments for me in 2007 will be Night Riding to Tuas with my fellow dudes, Alex and James. We had a hard time finding our way to Tuas but we made it in the end. That is really a wonderful feeling for us. There will be more to come in year 2008. =)

Today, I was dead tired after Camp Craft training. I wanted to stay at home and rest but I wanted to did something special for the year 2008 too. So I went down to Suntec to look for my fellow friends to see fireworks.

It was really crowded at Marina. So many people had came down to see the fireworks. Lets light up the new year. =) The fireworks is really beautiful but we didn't really get a clear view of it cause the tall tree is blocking. But it is still a wonderful feeling to welcome the year 2008. Hope everyone will have a wonderful 2008. =D
~Cheng Kim Wee, 6:27 AM

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