Prison break...
Friday, April 27, 2007

This is Micheal Scofield from the TV series, Prison Break. He look so handsome even with a simple hairstyle. I had finish watching the whole episode of Prison Break season 1 and 2. It is a very exciting show and you won't stop when you started watching. Every episode is full of exciment. Season 1 is how he breaks out of the prison to save his brother. He is a genius who plans carefully. Season 2 is about running from the police and setteling his brother case. Don't know wether there will be season 3 or not. But if there were, I will be sure to watch.
~Cheng Kim Wee, 3:26 PM
My Happiest Day...
Saturday, April 21, 2007

Today is one of the happiest day in my life. I got all my buddies and friends coming to celebrate my be-lated birthday with me. Thought, my birthday is over but my celebration isn't over yet. Thanks to all who have came. Thanks LEONG CHENG, XIONG WEI, BING CHAO, WEI XIONG, WEI WEN, KANG JIE, EUNICE, HUI JUAN, RACHEL, SU JUN, JIN XIAN and HAZEL. I love you guys lots...
We celebrated my birthday at Seoul Garden, Tampines Mall. I sat at the center and EUNICE is the unlucky one sitting beside me. She had to take the food for me. Thanks a lot thought EUNICE. We have lots of fun making fun of others and keep ourself fun. We crap and eat and I enjoy really much already but that isn't the end of it. XIONG WEI ask me to accompany him to the tolite while the rest of them light up my birthday cake without letting me know. We I came out of the tolite, stupid JIN XIAN told me that they are light the cake up. LOL... The plan was a ruin by her. LOL...
When I went back, they are still light up the candles. After the candles had been light up, they sang a birthday song to me out loud in 3 langues. English, Chinese and there is people singing in Malay for me too. HAHA... So happy by then. My cake wrote, "KIM WEE, we LOVE you". I love you even more. I am the most fortunate guy with such great friends around me. I don't know what wishes to make, I just wish that I could go to Poly and hope that all my friends will do well in the schools now.
1 of my wishes for my wish list came true. WEI XIONG, XIONG WEI, KANG JIE, LEONG CHENG, BING CHAO, RACHEL, WEI WEN and his Mum brought me a Addidas Chelsea Jersey for $109. Really thanks a lot to you guys. I am going to cancel it at my wish list soon.
What a gift for you guys and what a gift from god. Knowing you guys and being together so well is already the best gift I ever had. You brighten up my life and my my life wonderful. That goes to all my friends that I had knew too. I love all of you guys...
The shop is closing and we leave. All the girls went home and it left with the 7 of us. We went to McDonald and crap the for a while drawing all sorts of stupids stuffs like 'pokemon, hair, butterfly, etc'. LOL... So funny... Can't stop laughting... HAHAHA... After that, we went to a quite place to play some games and have some fun. We play lots of hyper games and we really gets hyper. Only we know how much fun was created. Lots of laughter all around too. It is hard to get to the target of the game but we manage to and we all went home.
What a fun and really enjoyable day for me. I will like to thanks you guys once again. LOVE YOU GUYS...
~Cheng Kim Wee, 3:55 AM
Sweet 17...
Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Today, 17 april, is my 17 birthday. Thanks to all my friends for wishing me a "happy birthday". I love you guys lots. I wish that all my familys, buddies, brothers, dudes and my best friends, will do well in everything they are doing now. Those who are still studying hope that they can get good grades. Those who are relations hope you people will last forever. Those people who are still single hope you people can find your true love soon. Those who are working hope you get your promotion soon. The most important thing is to stay happy. =)
My wishes for myself... I hope I can get into POLY after my 2 years in ITE. I have been single for quite a long time. Hope that I can find my sweetheart too...
~Cheng Kim Wee, 7:29 PM
Monday, April 16, 2007

Today, is the 1st day of my 2nd term in school. Boring... Have to go back school to study again. 9 weeks of studying and here come my holiday again. Did nothing much in school today. Only sit there and slack. That is why school is getting more and more boring.
After school, I went out with JAMES, CHEN YONG, MARCUS and ALEX for a swim at the condo beside my former school, North Vista. Have lots of fun there. We play catching and and the falling game. LOL... It was so funny and I kept on laughting cause JAMES keep on falling from MARCUS's shoulder. We took lots of photo at the swimming pool. My camera is now spolit because I accidently drop my camera into the pool. I had to go and repair my camera for about $200. My birthday is tomorrow. Can someone spare me some money to repair my camera?
MARCUS left us for a while. The rest of us went to the suana and have some chatting. We went to River Plaza and meet MARCUS again for our dinner at KFC. Chat and slack for a while and we to North Vista to wait for YONG's girl and that is the end of our day... What a tired day after thte swim. Tonight is going to be a great night to sleep. Opps... It will be 17 april when the clock hit 12am.
~Cheng Kim Wee, 10:21 PM
I am Glad...
Sunday, April 15, 2007

Today, I was suppose to go out with SHUEUE LEE and JIA MIN at Yoshinoya, Compass Point for a lunch but instead, they gave me a surprise at Pizza Hut. No wonder SHEUE LEE keep on messaging me and ask me wether I had reach. When I walk into Pizza Hut, I was shock to see so many ppl waiting for me with my birthday cake on the table.
Thanks ALEX, JAMES, CHEN YONG, KAI MIN, EDWIN, DANIEL, BRENDAN, LIX XIN, LISA, JOYCELYN, JIA MIN and mostly SHUEUE LEE. Thanks you guys for coming and a double thanks for SHEUE LEE. I am really greatful to have you guys as my friends.I never made any birthday wishes before I blow my candles. Having so many great friends around me is already my best gift.
We keep the cake and we order some pizza to eat. We had lots of fun eating together. I am full after 2 pieces of pizza plus cake. When we are about to leave, I receive a desert from Pizza Hut. Thanks for the desert. =)
We went to Hougang Plaza to play LAN games again. Just like yesterday, we saw JING ZHONG playing pool there. We played for about 2 hours of games and we went home.
Really Thanks you guys so much. Thanks for the present too. What a way to end my 3 week holiday. Tomorrow school reopening. Had to get back and study. I am really glad today. Love you guys lots...
~Cheng Kim Wee, 6:28 PM

Today went to Marina South once again to celebrate my birthday. Actually there are many people coming but in the end, most of them can't make it. So just went out with MARCUS, JAMES, WEI EN and CHEN YONG.
It was raining when we reach there so the 5 of us went to play some LAN games 1st. DANIEL and ALEX come meet us while we are playing. After the 1 hour of playing, we went to Chong Bang to have our dinner there. Is had to find place to sit there cause it is still raining but we manage to found 1. Spend some time eating and chatting there. I ate lots of things there happily.
After we ate, we went to Hougang to play some LAN games again. Play for 1 hour plus and we went back home. Enjoy myself greatly today. Feel kind of tired too.
Thanks JAMES. I just went to his blog and have a look. Yup... We know each other for 10 years already. I am glad that I had such a great friend like him. Hope our friendship will never end. And of cause, not forgetting the rest of my friends too. I love you all!!!
~Cheng Kim Wee, 12:30 AM
'Sold' Garden...
Friday, April 13, 2007

Yesterday, I went to Tampines Mall with KANG JIE, BING CHAO and WEI XIONG. BING CHAO wanted to buys some clothes cause he is going to Poly. He can't be wearing the same clothe evertime he go to school.

We went to Soul Garden to have our lunch. Crap and talk at there for quite a long time. We ate lots of stuffs too. I try the deer meat but the taste dosen't really suit me. I like the Teriyaki Chicken more.
After few hours of eating and craping, we went to look for BING CHAO's clothes. He brought only 1 Billabong T-shirt. And we went back home. Actually wanted to go swimming but it is raining outside and I am so tired and I went to sleep.
Haiz... Wanted to celebrate my birthday with all my secondary school friends but in the end, I cancel it cause it is too troublesome. There is some arguement about the time cause lots of them aren't really free. I am quite disappointed. Sorry guys... I disappointed you all too. But as long as I shall live, there is still time for another party next year. Hope to see you guys next year again...


~Cheng Kim Wee, 8:30 AM
Monday, April 02, 2007

Today I went out with JAMES, CHEN YONG and ALEX for a moive. We meet at 12.30pm at Seng Kang MRT station but I had overslept cause I watch soccer until very late last night. So we had change the time to 1.15pm.

We went to the cinema and brought 4 tickets on the 4 turtles show, Teenage Mutan Ninga Turtles. We ate at Carles Junior for our lunch. Carles Junior is a western fast food resturant. Their burger is almost twice as big as the one we ate at Burger King and their drinks is free flow. I manage to finish up my burger but left with lots of fries. The burger is delicious but it is too big for my mouth. I have to open my mouth wide to eat that burger.

After eating, we chat there while we waits for the movie. We went into the cinema early and I went to tolite 3 times before it starts. I think I had take in too much of the free flow drink at Carles Junior. So many kids is at the cinema making noise. But they quiet down when the pictures starts.

The movie graphic is so cool. It is well animated. Though the movie was for kids but I still enjoy very much. It brings me back into my child hood. I love watching TMNT was is was a kid.

After the movie, we went to Starbucks and had some coffee. We slack quite long chatting there and we decided to walk around Vivo City and look around. We finally went home after that.
~Cheng Kim Wee, 12:01 AM

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