Happy Birthday to myself...
Friday, April 17, 2009

It's my birthday!! I am nineteeeeeeen. Fuck that make me sound so old. 1 more year and I will be 20. My birthday wish is I don't want to grow up. xD Haha.. Nia.. That won't happen so don't be stupid and waste your wish. It's obvious what I am going to wish for.

Dinner at Hougang Green Chi Char with James, Chen Yong, Alex, Fiona and Shirley. Ball-less Alex still dare to say he want to change. He is still late as usual. Nothing change. Shirley wanted to make a surprise appearance but it was spoil by Chen Yong and Fiona. Haha.. Now we are even. And now we know our surprise to each other will never work. (But wait...)

Hougang Green Chi Char was nice. =) Very dee-lii-cious!! Buangkok to chill after dinner. We bought some old school Gotcha ice-cream for ourselves. =)

Nice slippery ice-cream that make our lips and fingers sticky. This photo shot require some skills. Watch out when you are holding this ice-cream close to James. Hahaha...

My 1st mini birthday cake!! Sweet and colourful fruit cake. =) It got grape, mango, peach, cherry and KIWI!!

We are the hunks!!
Shirley the catwoman and Fiona the bimbo..

After chatting for a while, they all went home without even counting down for me. While I am not upset or what actually. Cause the con man James and ball-less Alex lied to me that they got exams the next day. And so the Hougang's cab home and the Seng Kang's walk. Fiona walking home? Hard to believe... ... ...

Hey Fiona!! Your house is in that direction... ... ... Hey Fiona and Chen Yong!! There are still LRT operating... ... ...

For some weird reason, they didn't take the LRT and continue walking.

While that's because... ... ...











That's a surprise for me!!!

Baby surprise me with my 2nd birthday cake! She made it in the afternoon. How sweet of her. She must be tired baking it after school and making a lovely present for me. =) Thanks baby, I love you. =) You are the Sweetest!!

But why is there only 1 big candle? I'm not 10 years old baby. You got my age wrong. =(

While that's because... ... ... That's a 3rd cake for me!! It's from my Gotcha ice-cream friend who con me that they are going home. xD

How nice of them. =) I am so glad that I had them as my friend. They are the greatest birthday gifts. =)

Now everyone, I am listening to the song 'Friends Forever'. Let's play the sing the song together...

As we go on, we remember,
All the times we, had together,
As our lives change, come whatever,
We will still be, friends forever...

We will still be, FRIENDS FOREVER!!

That's a pretty long knife.

Went to Mac and chill for some time before they all really went home. Chen Yong the Shit boy, I want to know your secrets. Hahahahaha...

The next day, went to Junction 8 and catch a movie with baby. We watch Confession of a Shopaholic. =) And dinner with my love one at Ding Tai Feng.

So that's it. My 19th birthday was over. Had to wait for another year for my 20th. I wasn't really looking forward to my birthday this year. I just thought it will be another normal day for me. Nothing much to look forward to.

But but but, I was wrong...

I've got,

Baby Sweetness surprising me with her own home made cake,
Gotcha Friends con-ing me and coming back to surprise me again,
Love ones taking out their precious time for me,
And those little text messages wish me a very Happy Birthday...

All I want to say is, a big THANKS to everyone. You all made my day special. Thank you.. =)
~Cheng Kim Wee, 10:44 PM

- Cheng Kim Wee
- 18 years old
- 17th April 1990


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