Ginger Bread House..
Thursday, April 30, 2009
Did something special with baby today. We made Ginger Bread House!! I know it's not Christmas, we build the Ginger Bread house just for fun. Somemore, it's cheap. Haha..

It is our 1st time making a Ginger Bread house. The manual was the most important thing for us. We followed every steps. 1st stop, making of the Ice-ing.

Making of the Ice-ing was easy. Not much effort we have to make. Just let the machine do it's job. All we have to do is to watch. =)

Building this was not as easy as it seems. The Ice-ing dried up very quickly and it keep sticking on to our fingers instead of the house. Got to be careful not to break the Ginger Bread...

After waiting a few hours for it to dry, it's time to decorate the house with colourful candies!! Not that easy too. Same old thing keep happening.

1st we decorate the door..

And then the window...

And the roof. =)

The sides...

And finally, K <3 H. =) =) =)

We cover the roof with the rest of the Ice-ing so that it will look like it is snowing. =)

Not forgetting the candies...

And 1 last thing!! The Snow Man and the Christmas Tree!!!!!!!

And it's all done!!! =) Just look at the outcome. Not very nice though but we put in a lot of effort for this. Building it was not easy you know. We spent the whole day to build it. Turn out pretty well in the end. =)

And here is our lovely, Ginger Bread House. =)
~Cheng Kim Wee, 12:05 AM

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- 17th April 1990


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