Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Alright here is a post. Feeling lazier and lazier about blogging already. Please don't blame me for not updating. Will blog as soon as I feel like it.

While today is the day I feel that I have to blog. If not this blog will be a dead one sooner or later. =X Went to celebrate my birthday at the air port on Sunday. My birthday is still 12 days away but I am celebrating with them now cause Wei Wen and Xiong Wei is going to NS soon and I won't have the chance to celebrate with them. =( And also, we can use this time to sent Wei Xiong off to China. See, what a useful meal together. Hehe.. xD

Wei Xiong had to check in early in the morning so didn't really got a choice but to had a very early breakfast for this meaningful breakfast. We all all had to wake up super early and Xiong Wei even cab down to meet us even though he got camp. =)

Had Swensen's breakfast and had quite a time there. Hot dogs was very nice. =) I like that a lot. But not the scramble egg. Kind of too milky. Attention!! Air-port Swensen is open 24 hrs. If you feel like eating in a very weird time, Swensen will always be open for you.

After the breakfast, went to chill around the air port and had some chat. Play around too and Wei Wen is almost being caught by the police for suspicious person. Haha... And whoever went to the toilet will have the chance of becoming an fake idol. Hahaha... It's an inside joke. Very funny at the scene. Lol..

Wei Xiong and his friend went off. Kang Jie went to his grandma house and I went home to drink my awful meds. The rest of them went to Tampines for movie while I join them back later in the day for Fast and Furious 4.

We Book the Sneak Preview tickets. =) Nice car, nice movie. The car are very cool and the races are very exciting. But Xiong Wei was too tired after his camp that he keep falling asleep trough out the movie. -_- While I guess it is the story line which is too boring for him. Just like it's 1, 2 and 3 previous movie, the story line wasn't interesting at all. 2.5 stars...

It's 8th April today which means Wei Wen is in NS now. We are going to miss him and hopefully, we got to meet again when he book out. Next will be Xiong Wei. It will be hard to meet again. =(

Now presenting to you, the Black Hunter, Wei Wen!!!

All the best in camp. Hope you will do just fine. =)
~Cheng Kim Wee, 2:53 AM

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