Merry Christmas!!!
Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas too everyone!!! Can I have my normal life back as a present Mr Santa Claus?? I have been a very good boy recently so return me back to my normal life. That is all I wish for...

Gift exchange with baby and her babies. Steamboat dinner and played some games. I got a Adidas water bottle and a piggy bank as a gift. =) Hehehe... Quite happy with my gift but someone is not. But well, it's a nice party with them. =))
~Cheng Kim Wee, 4:01 AM

- Cheng Kim Wee
- 18 years old
- 17th April 1990


- Chelsea
- Night riding
- Badminton
- Soccer
- Taekwondo
- Photography


- Chelsea Merchandise
- Chelsea Jersey
- Pair of Sports Shoes
- Digital Camera
- Digital SLR!
- Crumpler Bag
- Lord of the Rings
- Music Keyboard
- Handphone
- Learn Piano
- Stay Healthy