NV NDP Celebration 2008...
Friday, August 08, 2008

Not my usual self. I woke up super early today!! Go to school early in the morning but not my school. Skip my own school and went to my ex school for NDP celebration. Haha... It's great to be back at NVSS. Feels like going back to my 2nd home.

1st stop, was the parade- Guard of Honor, NPCC!!! Great performance they put out there. Makes me think back of the past when I use to march too. xD After the march pass was the Choir follow by the Band performance. Band performance was pretty cool this year. Never seen it before at NV. Next performance was the Rollers Bladers. Very nice too with some dangerous stun. =)

There won't be any performance this year cause the Fund Raising Carnival is going on. So walk around the school with some of my friends to see whats going on. Canteen was selling all kinds of food. Cos Play Cafe was set up there too. Parade square is having some sports games going on. Classroom block got some fun games too like catching fishes and throwing wet sponge onto the person face. Hall is having some life band but without dance floor. Haha... The people there are underage.

Many other events going on too. Went to the Ava room to take some Neo Prints. Lol... Went to the Air Rifle range and shoot some bullets after that. Air Rifle was fun!!! I got 5 shots out of 10 inside the circle and 4 was on the paper. No bad for 1st timer ok! Alex didn't even gets any shots in the circle. Lol...

It was quite fun overall. But compare to others schools, this Carnival wasn't that good. But I still enjoy myself. Haha...
~Cheng Kim Wee, 9:13 PM

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