Saturday, August 30, 2008

I am so tired and broke now. Just got home and going to sleep real soon. Good thing is that I don't have to wake up early tomorrow.

Back to Singapore General Hospital with my mum yesterday to see my doctor. The 10k medication is working pretty well for me the pass 4 weeks but those weird pop ups on my body is coming back again when I stop taking it for a just few days. Check my stats with my doctor. There is no side effects on me so I can continue taking my 10k pills once again.

Went to Suntec meet up with Hilarie for COMEX. While waiting for her, went to find Cheralyn at her shop and saw Fiona there too. At the Comex, it's so crowded there. Can see so many people walking in and out of the convection hall. I was looking for a digital camera but didn't have any idea what camera is suitable for me. Went to stalls like Canon, Sony, Nikon etc. After so much consideration, I think I am going to get the Sony one. It's stylish and I think it suits me.

Didn't know where to go after Comex. Walk a few rounds at Suntec until I'm hungry. Had our dinner at City Link, New York New York. Decided to watch a movie after our dinner. Bought tickets for the movie 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall'. Went to Gloria Jean and chilled there while waiting.

The movie was great. Pretty good comedy. Some funny shit. Haha... Did I watch the movie with the watch the movie with the wrong person? Lol... Miss our last train so we cab home.

Today!! Was the celebration of Teachers' Day. HAPPY TEACHERS' DAY!!! Meet up with old friends back at Nvss once again. The place where we got so many memories to share and the place that turn us from strangers to best friends. Greeted some of my teachers too. Got to thanks them if not I won't be who I am right now. And not forgetting Mr Michael!! He is my favorite of all time. =)

Support the concert put up by the students at the hall. Performance was horrible but the price giving part was good. The teachers show us some of their naughty side too when they play the musical chair. Lol... That was the funniest part. And out of a sudden, the whole hall started shaking and some of us even thought it was an earthquake but it is actually the construction beside. Lol...

Stay in school for a little while longer after the concert. Went to have lunch at Buangkok with James, Chen Yong and Daniel and off to SGH to take my 10k medication. Went to Suntec, Comex once again with them and Cheryl. Just walking around to see whats going on there. Walk around Marina Square too and saw some friends dating. Lol... How lovely. Haha...

Had nothing else to do so say goodbye to Cheryl and went to play Lan at Park Way. Spend so much time and money owning people's ass. Lol... Went home very late. So tired...
~Cheng Kim Wee, 1:11 AM

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