Red Cliff...
Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hi guys, I am back from my 3 days 2 night of chalet with James, Daniel, Shirley, Fiona, Alex and Chen Yong. Very tired and very fun too. After today, I don't know when will we got to meet ups and have gathering again. Everyone will be very busy doing their own things. So this is a unforgettable chalet for us. =) At least something for me to be happy for...

1st day, Thursday...

Came back from school and I got myself prepared and went to Costa Sand in the evening alone. James, Daniel, Alex, Fiona, Shirley was already there preparing our steam boat. Haha... We have steam boat in our chalet for dinner. What a good idea to have our dinner like this. So special. Lol...

Alex went home after that cause he got something on. The rest of us went to watch mid night movie at E!Hub. Went to the play some games at the arcade 1st to kill time. Play games like the Mario Kart. Lol... Mario Kart is so funny and cute. Can attack or throw stuffs at other racers. Lol...

As you all know, all arcade will have this 'catch the doll' machine. The machine where you put a dollar coin in and try your luck to see weather you can catch a doll or not. That machine wasn't totally about luck actually. It is about skill. We saw this uncle wearing Ashworth shirt with 2 big bags of dolls. Oh yea... He caught plenty of it. I don't know how he do it but he seems to catch a doll every time he tries. I suspect that he is working there. o.O

Ok, it's time for our movie. The movie we watch the movie, 'Red Cliff'. It is a very very nice war movie. Can't really explain how nice the movie was, you got to watch the movie yourself. It is a movie worth watching and I don't mind watching it over and over again. Its just too fantastic. No wonder they spent so much money making this movie. And it is not over. There is part 2 by the way. Be sure to catch part 2. 5 stars for Red Cliff part 1. Best...

2nd day, Friday...

We sleep all the way til 3pm. We was all so tired. Lol... Have dinner at the coffee shop and Alex and Chen Yong join us in the night. More people more merrier and laughter. Went to E!Hub and catch movie again. Saw QiYa eating at Burger King with her friend.

We to the arcade again while waiting for our movie and guess who we saw at the arcade this time? We saw AshWorth again. Told you he was working there. Same like yesterday, he got 2 bags of dolls. The arcade will close down soon if he went there to catch dolls everyday. But I don't think that arcade will close down cause I think he is working there. Why? Why cause he is there to temp those people there. When people see him with so many bags of dolls, they will have the urge to catch it too. So many fools are being tricked by him. Daniel is 1 of those. =X Lol...

The movie this time we watch is HellBoy 2. I don't find the movie nice. The monster is so ugly and it makes the movie even worst. The movie is like a kids show. Red Cliff is still the best. Oh Yes. By the way, I catch Hancock on the net and it wasn't that nice too. It is like 'I am Legend'. No link. Red Cliff is still the best. Haha... Red Cliff stole the show. Red Cliff Red Cliff!!! Make sure you all catch Red Cliff. xD

After movie, back to chalet to sleep while some of them drinks. I sleep all the way through didn't really know what happen but they seems to enjoy drinking. The sad part is none of them is drank. All left our dirty chalet early in the morning. Tired but FUN!!! =)
~Cheng Kim Wee, 6:56 PM

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