Saturday, July 19, 2008

I am so tired now. Lucky today is Friday and there is no school tomorrow. I simple love weekends. I got to sleep all I want. Who wants to go to school anyway? I find my school more and more meaningless. I am studying on those things that I can't even work on. Duh... Nonsensical.

After school, or should I say..? Skip school, in the afternoon, and went to take my Basic Theory Test. I was so afraid that I will fail. I keep having this feeling that I will fail the test. But I passed in the end. Haha... There are some question that I wasn't really sure actually. Around 6 question I guess, but I still manage to pass. =) Saw Wei Xiong at SSDC. He having his practical lesson.

1 doctor and 1 nurse came to my house to visit me today. They check on my condition at my house. Cool right... Got nurse and doctor come to my house. I like this system cause I don't have to go back to Singapore General Hospital every now and then. They will come for me if I needed any help instead. Its just a call away.

I asked them weather they can get rid of the tumor on my face. I really hope they can cause I think it is getting bigger and bigger. I am freak so don't freak out with you see me. People just keep on asking me why my face is swollen. Please get rid of my tumor doctor.

Went to take my baby for a spin after the doctor and nurse left. I finally got my baby back. I miss her so much. Can't wait to step on the pedals again. Cycle to Hougang and pass Yew Hin his disc. Was very tired when I reach Yew Hin's place. Still got to meet Kang Jie and pass him things too.

My whole body was in pain when I finally reach Kang Jie's place. I can't cycle too far like I use to. I will never forget that day I cycle all the way to Tuas. I got no problem cycle to Tuas that time. But now, I got lots of problem cycling to Hougang. My right shoulder always hurts when I move it, the back of my left shoulder was in a bit of pain too. I slim so much that my butt hurts when sitting on the chair and my legs feels so tired too. And not to say about my back. I always have backache even I sit down and use my computer.

Can you imagine? This is the pain I have to go trough all the time. But I just endure it. I am going for another spin with my baby again for sure. But only around my area. Don't dare to go too far.

After that, went to meet James, Daniel, Alex, Shirley and Fiona for dinner at Hougang Mall. Eat Long John Silver. Long time never been to Hougang mall already. Didn't know it had change so much. Haha... Mountain tortise.

Went to Hougang Plaza after that and have some Lan gaming. Play the fun game Team Fortress again with Fiona and Shirley. Fiona say it's fun!!! Lol... She keeps throwing bombs and kill others. Hahaha... That's funny. Lol... Play C&C half way again. Keep on disconnecting playing C&C there. Can't go there and play C&C any more. It sucks. Then change game to DotA.

Saw Eunice, Hui Juan and Su Jun at plaza. They were having their dinner at Suki Shu Shi. Eunice said to treat me to eat next time. Haha... Better mean it ok Eunice. =X Lol...
~Cheng Kim Wee, 12:14 AM

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