Thailand Kup...
Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hi guys, I am back from Thailand!! 1st of all, its only a 2 day 1 night trip and I am not on a holiday. The main purpose that I flew to Thailand is to see doctor, not holiday!! Don't mistaken it. zZz... But I still enjoy the trip there. =) I enjoy so much that I even learn their language there. Let me blog this post in Thai. Haha kup...


Never sleep the day before. I was watching Euro 2008 and I just can't fell asleep kup. Its not because I was too excited, I am a night person kup. Dont forget. xD So went to the Air port early in the morning and meet up with some uncles and auntie who is going there with us too, a total of 6 person. Had a quick breakfast and check in to board the plane kup.

The last time that I board a plane was 10 years ago kup. So I was kind of excited about boarding on the plane. Haha kup... So 'Sua Gu' kup... =X We took the Singapore Airlines to Penang instead of Thailand. And from Penang, we book a bus and check in to Hup Seng, Thailand.

After a long journey there, we finally reach the doctor's place. The whole journey took about 4hs and its not over yet kup. There were so many people looking for the doctor too. We had to wait like for another 4hs to complete my check up kup.

He is a famous old Thailand Chinese doctor kup. Thats why so many people from so many countries came looking for him. He is really patient and he listen to my pulse carefully. Hope he can really cure me kup. I have to eat those bitter, awful chinese medicine again. Hope I don't puke this time. Really have to force myself to drink those stuffs kup. =X

While over at the place, we met some Singaporeans too. They took bus from all the way from Singapore to Thailand and the journey is like 12hs. Omg kup... This world is actually very small.
We came across with those Singaporeans in Singapore before!! 1 of the auntie who is with us seen some of them at some coffee shop and 1 of the Singaporean is a retired bus 88 driver and he told me that I look farmiliar. Haha kup... What a small small world kup. xD

After we all have seen the doctor, we went to our Hotel!! Yeah!! Finally can have a good rest after so many many hours of waiting and traveling. Haha kup... The 1st thing I did was jump onto the bed. 2nd thing was having a good bath in the Bath Tub!!! I never bath in a bath tub for a very long time too kup. Haha kup...

Next was dinner. Ate some delicious seafood (for the last time). We have the Tiger Prawns, Sotong, Dong Fen, Tom Yam and much much more. I have fun eating and it is my last time eating those delicious food. =( I got to control my diet once I starts to eat those meds kup. =(

Shop with mum at the night market and brought a few things only kup. Nothing much to but at the place kup. Like I said, I wasn't on holiday. Maybe there are more things to buy in Bangkok rather then Hup Seng. Hup Seng is just a small city.

Sleep for a while and wakes up to watch Euro 2008. Haha... Good that they have soccer to watch there kup. xD Had a nice good sleep after watching soccer kup. =)

Wakes ups early in the morning and packs our stuffs. Went for breakfast and travel to the mountains to do some praying before we leave Thailand kup. Got to travel all the way back to Penang and from Penang we fly back home Kup. =)
~Cheng Kim Wee, 6:02 PM

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