Ken Chalet
Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hey hey... Kenneth's Birthday chalet was great!! Got to catch up with all my secondary schools friends once again. I miss the last gathering but not this one. Haha... And many people turn up for this celebration. Wonderful... The more the merrier, and more the joy and happier... xD

I didn't eat much there cause I can't eat BBQ stuffs. Those stuffs are really unhealthy. I can't take any of that at my stats right now. I can only smell it. =X I am not really that tempted by the food, those chicken wings they BBQ are very burnt. Lol...

While I like Kenneth's cake cause it is Ice Cream Cake!!! Yummy... =) And the cake is a huge one. It must have cost a bomb... O.O Kenneth must be really happy that day. Haha... Happy Advance Birthday Kenneth. May all your wish comes true. =)

Wanted to go home after the celebration. Went to the bus stop and waited for like 1h and there are no more bus already. So went back to the Chalet and ton the night. Went to watch mid night movie at the new entertainment center, E!Hub.

Watch the movie, Get Smart. I am very smart already. Haha... xD It's a very funny movie. Keep on laughing my ass off. Lmao... Not bad not bad... If you are bored now a days, this is just the movie you can't miss. xD 2.5 stars.

Back at the Chalet after movie, all the people at the Chalet look so tired and drunken. Nothing much to do back at the Chalet. Lucky I went for movie to kill time. xD Listen to music trough out the night. I didn't sleep at all and the best part of this is, I got to disturb all the sleeping log and look at their funny faces when they woke up. Lol...

And soon everyone had woke up, they leave 1 by 1 and that is the end of the end. =)
~Cheng Kim Wee, 8:55 PM

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