Happy Birthday, Shirley...
Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Shirley!!! May all your wish comes true... =)

Yeah... Went out to celebrate Shirley's birthday yesterday at Clarke Quay. Had dinner with James, Alex, Chen Yong, Yew Hin, Leonard, Fiona and Shirley over there. Forget what is the place called. But it is quite expensive and I don't really like the food there. The price are too high for that kind of standard. It is a place for drinking actually. I don't drink, only some of them drink and they don't really like it too. Haha...

Went to The Cathay after that and meet Daniel. Book tickets for the movie Kung Fu Panda and went to play some LAN gaming while waiting. Lol... Playing DotA with Fiona is so funny. But got to thanks her for playing with us. Haha...

Went for movie after we finish our game. Kung Fu Panda was cute, funny, but kind of lame. I got to be lying to myself if I said the movie is nice. Its quite dumb actually. =X Hope Fiona like it. She is only 1 who strongly rejects to watch this movie. Haha... And now we got a nick for her. =X

It's late after the movie. Don't know where to go. Cab to Seng Kang Park and chats for a while and we went home. Hopes Shirley enjoy herself today. But I am sure she don't enjoy the DotA part. Hahaha... Happy Birthday!! xD
~Cheng Kim Wee, 12:50 AM

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