War Par Villa...
Sunday, May 11, 2008

Last Friday, not a very good day. A day to be remember and forget.

Yesterday, went out with cousins to War Par Villa to have a look around. Nothing much to see though. But it is a nice place. Just that all the things there are old and the colours fade away. Took lots of photos there. It is a really nice place to take photo there. A lot of nice and wonderful things to see.

After that, went to Ang Mo Kio and have our dinner. and went back to Seng Kang and rest. Watch mid night movie at Yishun and the movie we watch is, Forbidden Kingdom. Hehe... I don't mind watching it again. It is a nice movie for me. xD After movie, went to chill at Punggol. Crack some lame jokes and chat everything under the moon and went back home really late. Haha... What a nice day. A good day for a day off.

And not forgetting, Happy Mothers' Day!!!
~Cheng Kim Wee, 4:24 PM

- Cheng Kim Wee
- 18 years old
- 17th April 1990


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