n1 Gathering...
Monday, April 07, 2008

Yesterday gathering with the n1s peep was great. So fun that I became so tired to blog yesterday. Haha... The gathering was at Sentosa. We meet 11am at Hougang Station and no one was there on time. That's very predictable and that's why I am late too. Haha... But I am not the last to arrive. I was late for around 25 mins and I was 1 of the 1st few who arrive. Lol...

Went to Vivo City and have some light lunch. My only food resource is bread and apple. Went to find Joyce but she was in the afternoon shift. Brought tickets when everyone is done having their lunch and head off to Sentosa!!!

Its Sunday, right and sunny day. There are many people in Sentosa that time too. We found ourselves a spot at the Siloso Beach and we start our picnic there. The sun is so hot. I have been under the sun for 2 days and my face is red hot. xD

Play some ball games like monkey, volleyball and captain's ball. Haha... Captain's ball was fun cause my group won. Lol... But we gets tired very fast maybe because of the hot sun. So some of us rest under the shade and some went to play water. Too bad I can't went into the water and have fun with them.

Next, we went to take the SkyRide and Luge. SkyRide was cool, Luge was fun. Took lots of picture on the SkyRide and the Luge, that really is very fun racing one another. Haha... But I think the track is too short. I want more!!! Haha... Saw a indian lady drive onto the grass. Lol...

Went back to our picnic area and slack around. Chat around with them and planning where to go next. Went back to Vivo around evening time. Finally got to find Joyce. Haha Dinner at Pasta Mania and went back to Hougang. Sheue Lee and I did a good deed. We offer our sits to old people. Haha... xD

The girls went their own ways and the guys went to Hougang Plaza for some LAN gaming. Game for around 2h plus and went back home. =) Yesterday was really great. =D
~Cheng Kim Wee, 2:42 PM

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