When can I be discharged?!
Saturday, February 23, 2008
Haiz... When can I be discharged?! Free kind of bored around here. I am just like a bird without wings. I don't even had a clue when all my things will be done. Scanning after scanning, X-rays after X-rays. When will it stop?

These few days are really hard for me to go through. But don't worry, I will be strong. I had suffer a lot. I will rather take those suffering then watching people around me suffer.

Lucky I had my family, relatives and friends staying by my side all the time. They had help me a lot. I don't think I can handle this alone, they really did a lot to me and I really appreciate it.

I will stay happy always and I will always be optimistic. I want people around me to be like me too. Staying happy all the time. It will makes me feel better to see people around being happy rather then being so sad. Cause it hurts me when I see people around me crying. My mum and dad is trying very hard to be strong. I think all of us should too. Just remember, stay happy!! Kim Wee likes to see people Happy!!!

Actually, I had seen and learn a lot when I am in hospital. I have seen people around being strong like me too. That is a really good example. And I realized that people around you really love and cares for you. I regret for not treating my family good enough. I will treat them nicer from now on. My relatives dote me a lot too even tough I only got to meet them for a few times a year. They had watch me grown up since I was a baby. They came and visit me almost everyday. My friends love me too. I will treasure them and share my joy with them.

Please do come visit me often with a big smiley face. =D No need to bring anything, just bring yourself will do. I will be happy enough to see you guys.
~Cheng Kim Wee, 9:52 AM

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