Thursday, February 21, 2008
Today is my 3rd day in hospital. Still don't know when will I be discharge. Those who still wants to visit you may come. If not I will be very bored here in the hospital.

Address: Singapore General Hospital, block 7, level 6 ward 76, room 24, bed 4. This is real!! I am in hospital. Not faking. So please do visit me whenever you are free.

Update on me,

On the 1st day... Things happen really fast. I was just like a dream. 1 moment I am at Seng Kang Polyclinic, another moment, I am in SGH already. I still can't believe this is happening but I still have to face the fact. I am being hospitalize for the 1st time in my life. This is the worst thing that have happen to me. Just treat it as a experience. Not a very good start for the year of the rat. But good things come after bad right? Haha...

2nd day... On the 2nd day, woke up quite early. Didn't really have a good sleep, I only have a few hours of sleep. Woke up but it wasn't a dream. It is really happening. The nurses here are really caring and helpful but I wanted to be treated as a patient. I am not a handicap, I still can help myself. Some X-rays scan in the morning, reports will be out tomorrow. Many people came to visit me on the 2nd day which also is Wednesday. Thanks a lot for visiting and accompany me. Your care is greatly appreciated. =)

3rd day, which is today... The doctor came and visit me. They visits me every morning actually and will ask me question and review my reports. They said I have Osteo... blar blar blar... Don't know what is that called. In simple words, I am having 'cancer'. Not to worry. The doctor says it is curable. But I have to went for operations to cut off the 'cancer' which is eating up my bone and will also replace my bone with titanium. I will be strong as long as I am still alive. I won't die so easily. I will fight til the end. Thats me, Kim Wee. =)

I did some scanning too this morning. Did 2 different scanning. Quite cool though. 1st one was the 'space ship' scan. I did the scanning just like how you put your finger in the donut. They inject my with 'something' and I can feel the 'something' flowing inside my body making me numb. 2nd is the X-ray scan. Did that 2 times because they need to confirm something. They inject me too and the thing they inject will help in the scanning. Cool huh. Technology is such a great ... um... such a great... um... Can't find the word to discribe but technology really is wonderful.

I think my mum and dad had a hard time these few days. They went around Singapore with my relatives finding all sorts of temple and to pray for me. Thanks a lot. I will keep the pendent that you gave. Remember to take care of yourself too.

Now, I want to thanks all my Family, Relatives and Friends. You guys really care for me and I really appreciate it, A LOT!!! Even those little wishes from the tagboard and sms means a lot to me. With your help, I got the strength to overcome this. Now that I have still have a long way to go, I will be strong and I will recover.

Thanks my Family for your Love,
Thanks my Relatives for your Care,
Thanks my friends for your encouragement,
And Thanks everyone, for the fun and joy that we share.

THANK YOU... =)))
~Cheng Kim Wee, 11:46 PM

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