What pays the price?
Thursday, January 17, 2008

I am in. Yes I am in the training for the WSS(World Skill Singapore) training but what pays the price? So little time for me to decide, so little time to think. But my decision is set. I am in for a intense training and there is no backing out. I had been through suffering all the time I am ready and I am able to handle pressure. Hope I can learn and gain experience trough this hard training. And hope I can represent Singapore some day in the WSC(World Skill Competition).

But not to be too optimistic. Don't forget, my arm is a still a burden to me. I am going to need treatment asap but my mum just don't understand. Feel like shouting out right now. Who knows what I have been trough. I can't be able to move my right arm freely. Every time I try to move it hurts. I can't even play sports like basketball, badminton and many others sports. I am just like a handicap. And what about my future? How am I going to do heavy duty in the National Service? Dam it. Fuck!

The training is gonna use lots of arm power for sure. Not to talk about Npcc. I won't be able to pick out the time for Cadet Inspector course. It is a hard decision for me joining this WSC training. I really hope I can gain something out of this or maybe represent Singapore someday. This is gonna affect my studies in Ite and Poly for sure. Hope this is a wise decision.

My school have this Cca fare in the hall today. I went to take a look around. Join quite a number of Ccas hoping to get some Cca points and of course, have fun! I have sign up for Soccer beginner class. I am not good enough to be in the school team. =X Enterprenia and Remote Control Car Club too just to have fun. OAC for even more fun and last, Photography.

I have passion in Photography. Its my hobby. I am a beginner for that but I can say my pictures aren't that bad. Not the best of all but still not bad I guess. Flipping trough the photos put up by the club I thinks that I got the standards and the skills. I just need a SLR thats all. It has been a long time since I last have some real photo taking with my friends.

Cycling is another hobby that I have not been doing. I can get the time to do so but no company. I miss Night Cycling so much man. Where have my Night Riders and Photographers Gang been to?
~Cheng Kim Wee, 9:16 PM

- Cheng Kim Wee
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- 17th April 1990


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