TP open house 2008...
Saturday, January 12, 2008
A random painting on the wall...
TP building...
The performance...
Akido performance. Look at that!!! That is Shen Long being toss in the middle. xD Haha...
Why TP?
The fun dance...
By TP students...
The Funny skit...
Eunice's skit...
Pose... xD
Final Judging...

Pose... xD
Pic of the day!!!
My sec 1 friend, Eunice Chua!!!
Ok, time to blog. Fall asleep too early yesterday. Yesterday was really a fun day at Temasek Poly open house. Thanks Kang Jie and Wei Xiong for accompanying me to this wonderful open house and introducing your campus to me. =)

Yesterday went to school in the morning 1st before going to Temasek Poly. Dismiss at 12 and went to Kang Jie house to met up with him and Wei Xiong and bus to Temasek Poly. I really hate bus these few days. The bus is packed with lots and lots of people again.

Collect the goodie bag once I reach there. There is a coupon inside which can exchange a 'I am...' shirt. The shirt is nice and everyone want a hand one that shirt. I take the goodie bag around 3 times just to get the shirt for my friends. Haha... Oh Yes... Specking of friends, I do find lots of familiar faces there. People like Bell, Zhen Hui, Eunice Chua, Janice, Claudia, Leong Cheng, Rayson, Jia Shen, Kemund, He Jun, Wei Loon and some of the North Vista Juniors and Teachers, miss them so much, so happy to see them. Haha...

Thanks to Kang Jie and Wei Xiong for bringing me around to look at the courses once again. I will be lost if I didn't have you guys. But I didn't find any courses that is interesting. I came to TP because I am interested in the course Psychology but they don't take Nitec students. So disappointed. =( But its ok, I have fun in TP. Haha...

The best thing in TP is to watch the skit at LT 19, Eunice's skit. Haha... That skit is the best man. Really very entertaining and very funny. Haha... The whole theater is like laughing their ass off. xD The was the most fun part. =)

What really interest me in TP is their students spirit. They not only study but they have fun while they study in TP. Their open house is way much more better then SP. xD

Went to RP to have our dinner. RP, Rivervale Plaza, not Republic Poly. Haha... Went home after we ate. What a tired and fun day at TP. =) NYP later? Maybe... xD
~Cheng Kim Wee, 9:51 AM

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