Happy Birthday, Joycelyn...
Sunday, January 06, 2008

Happy Birthday to Joycelyn and not forgetting my Amk friend, Alvin and and and, my cousin, Ah Bee!!! May all your wish come true. =)

These few day I have been very busy somehow. Lots of things happen these few day and school is reopening soon in like 2 days time. I will be looking forward to my 2nd year in Amk Ite. =)

Yesterday, went out for dinner with my dear cousins, Pei Si, Kim Ann, Ah Girl Sis, Simon and Ah Bee at Heartland Mall, Thai Express. Dinner is on Pei Si. So nice of her to treat us this wonderful meal. It has been long since we last met. Yesterday's gathering was just too great. Dinner was good. Thanks a lot Pei Si. Haha...

After we ate, went to Hougang Plaza cause we can't find anything to do except for playing number ball. Have a few rounds of number balls and I've won 2 matches. 4 of us is playing and the all 4 of us was like, noob? We had a hard time trying to end the game. Haha. That's why I miss out this year sec 1 camp fire. Can't go and join them.

This morning, I woke up quite early without the help of the alarm clock. Don't know why. Maybe I wasn't feeling that well enough. My throat feels very uncomfortable and I am down with cough. I went down for Camp Craft training since I had nothing much to do in the morning.

My buddy Leong Cheng and Wei Wen was here too and so do my team member Kah Wai. Thats great, all the 3 flag stuffs members are here. Why not we erect 1 flag pole to motivate the juniors? Great idea huh? Haha. But things didn't turn out so well for us for our 1st try after 2 years. We got lots of things which cope up and it was really funny though. Haha. Thats fun actually. Lol...

Ok, so our 1st try was a fail demo. Lets go for a break and come back for 1 more try. This time, it was much more better. Everything went smoothly and everything is not bad. We still got the skills. Haha... What a fun training today.

Went home and out again in the evening for Joycelyn Birthday Celebration. I wasn't feeling that well. I am having problem with my running nose. Thats why I was late. Location for Joycelyn Birthday is at Marina Square, Breeks. Surprisingly, I wasn't the last to reach as I thought I am going to be. Haha. The girls ordered their food and it turns cold cause they are waiting for others to arrive.

Tried of waiting, we starts to eat. I ordered Fish & Chips. Hmmm... Not bad, but Fish & Co. are better of course. Chat around with my old friends. It has been a long time since we last met. Miss you guys so much. Haha. But only got to see the 18 of them. It could have be more if others didn't work on that day. Alex, Daniel, Li Jie, Liang Xian, Wei Loon, He Jun, Edwin, Kai Min, Jing Zhong, Chun How, Leonard, Kenneth, Sheue Lee, Jia Min, Xin Yi, Angela and Cheryl all came down to celebrate Joycelyn's Birthday. What a lucky girl with great friends around. Haha.

Sang a Birthday song together with the Breeks workers. The workers there are really friendly. =) Finish up the cake before we set off. Went to the Esplanade and to Clarke Quay and train home. Didn't know where the rest is going. I went home early. Have fun guys. =)
~Cheng Kim Wee, 12:41 AM

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