Sunday, January 20, 2008

Went for check up my arm yesterday with my mum at Hougang. We didn't go to the Yishun one because the guy seems to do the wrong thing. I wants to check about my arm, he check others things instead which I don't think is related. So decided to find a more professional doctor instead which is at Hougang and it is near. At least he knows what went wrong with me.

He is very friendly who got 4 daughter and 1 son. All wearing the square hat. He must be a good dad to rise up 5 wonder kid. He is very experience at his work. Rub my arm gently and it is very relaxing. He said there is something wrong with the vain inside. I need to go back for treatment for a few times. Hope it really works. I need my hand back badly.

I went out to play basketball today in the evening. I shouldn't have play. My hand still hurts. But it has been a long time and I can't help it. So went to shoot some ball only. The purpose coming down is to meet with up my friends. Friends like Chen Yong, Pok Chuen, Wei Wen, Xun Yan, Zhong Kai I never seen them in a very long time. Today finally got the chance to meet up with them.

Bad news bad news. Prison Break won't be out until May cause they are on strike. And others block basters like Heroes, Supernatural, Ugly Betty, Despo Housewife and all are on strike. I don't know what actually happen. Need to read more news to find out. Must be something to do with the management. Sarah and Scofield, I miss you. xD
~Cheng Kim Wee, 1:08 AM

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