Ride away...
Thursday, December 20, 2007

What a day for me. Its 6am now and I never sleep. I don't even feel tired at all. My mind is full of thoughts and it keeps making me awake. So many things had happen to me today and it is like there is some connection or something.

Lets talk about that later. Just now went out with Wei Wen, Wei Xiong, Bing Chao, Kang Jie and Xiong Wei to Jalan Kayu to have our supper. We went to the stall beside the one we use to go because it is full. 1st time eating at that place. There is got air-con!! More comfortable and more expensive of course. But the prata there wasn't as nice as the stall we use to eat.

Yesterday went to Junction 8 and saw Euguene and Nick. Today saw Steven. All of them are my Amk Ite friends. How are you guys doing? Enjoying your holidays? xD

Lrt back instead of walking because they are rushing home. Play C&C with Bing Chao again when we reach home. We 2 team up and we battle the computers. Stupid Bing Chao, we were suppose to be allied and he attack my base. Trying to be funny right. Ass... Haha... xD

It is around 3am and I am going to sleep. Thoughts are running through my mind and it keeps me awake. Worst still, my sister came into my room to use my computer. How am I going to sleep? Damn. I was so angry at that time. Took my bicycle out and go for a ride. I kept on riding aimlessly.

Ride by many coffee shop and then I notice that a match between Chelsea and Liverpool is going on. Stop by the coffee shop and watch the match. Rush back home when half time. My dad finally paid the Starhub Cable Vision bill and he never told me that until today. Haha... Chelsea 2-0 over Liverpool. Wasn't a very exciting match but I enjoy watching it.

Ok! That will be the end of my day and the topic to discuss today will be, "Friends" and "Trust". Today, a stranger add me in his msn contact. He wants to know a girl and he needs my help. He seems to be quite friendly but you are still a stranger to me. Don't blame me if I didn't help you. You are a stranger and there is no way I will trust a stranger.

But even for friends that you know for very long, there might be something that they are hiding from you. I don't want my friends to be hiding things from me. This prove that the person doesn't even trust you. And when things like that happens, its hard for you to be friend with that person. Hope that my friends don't hide things from me. I trust my friends and hope they will trust me the same way I do.

"Trust" is the way to make "Friends". Maybe that is the reason why I've got so many great friends around me. Thanks to all my friends who is always here by my side. You guys are the most wonderful people on earth.

I don't hate people. That's what makes me so sociable.
~Cheng Kim Wee, 6:02 AM

- Cheng Kim Wee
- 18 years old
- 17th April 1990


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