The Diver...
Sunday, December 09, 2007

Omg Omg Omg!!! My mum is cooking the Chinese medicine right now. Shit man. I got to drink it again. I hate drinking it. It sucks. The medicine is even more bitter then the previous one I use to take. Haiz... How am I suppose to be happy when I am eating all these bitter like hell stuffs. The make a person happy, give them some sweet stuffs to brighten their day. It is only afternoon and my day is cover up with dark clouds already. Yucks...

Dark clouds? The sky now a days is cover with dark clouds cause it is raining season. It makes us hard to train our Camp Craft and to have some outdoor activities. Like today, wanted to play field soccer at the field behind Punggol Community Center. I am so looking forward to playing soccer and I woke up 8.30am in the morning. And Suddenly! It rains. What the Hell. Plan cancel.

So sad. So long I didn't play field soccer and I am so looking to it but the sky don't want to let us play. Why don't you rain earlier so that I don't have to wake up that early. xD Change of plan, we play street soccer instead. Meet up with Marcus and some of his NCC friends. They are all CLT gonna be. Their Passing Out Parade is tomorrow and I will be there. =)

It was still raining when we reach the court but we didn't care. We just carry on playing and the rain gets even heavier. My shoe are fill with water. But we have fun playing with those new friends that I just made. I am tired but I still carry on playing and I am enjoying it. Went home with Marcus after a few rounds of street soccer and I treat him bubble tea cause I win some money from yesterday's soccer match.

This is the 1st time I like Man U so much. But it is only for that match, after the match, I will start cursing Man U again. I don't usually gamble on soccer. The reason why I gamble is because I dream about Man U winning Derby 4-1. Total goal, 5 so I ask Wei Wen to help me buy total goal, 5. Wei Wen replied was, :"Really ar?" Yes of course. 5 is a huge number. The odds are huge too. Haha...

I didn't really watch the Man U match. I watch the Chelsea match instead cause Chelsea is my favorite team. Hehe... But I am more worried about the Man U match. I don't want to loss my $5. Man U miss so many chances in the 1st half which is like impossible to hit 5 goals. When I tune back to the Man U match in the 2nd half, the score reads 3-1. Just 1 more goal and there is not much time left. I was so excited and hoping Man U will score another goal.

The game is ending and hopes are fading. In the 92min, Christiano Ronaldo(picture above) steals a penalty. For what I see, it is a dive. But a good dive for this match only. He score the penalty and I win the money. Yeah. This is the 1st and only time I like him so much. But I still hate him after the match. =X

Unbelieveable! My dream was right. 4-1 is really the score. Haha. I am so happy. Maybe I should dream of Toto number instead. xD Anyone wants to buy today's Arsenal match? The score I dream about for the match is 0-4. Buy 4 total goal. I won't be buying cause I already won but I hope it do come true. xD
~Cheng Kim Wee, 4:40 PM

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