Congrats Mrs Yap...
Monday, December 03, 2007

What a windy night to sleep right now. I just reach home from Jalan Kayu. Its late now but I got to blog 1st before I sleep. I am going to rush through today's post because I needs to wakes up early tomorrow for tomorrow Np training.

A huge "CONGRATS" to my former form teacher Mrs Yap. I wish you all, 'Zhao Shen Guai Zi'. =)

Today is the wedding dinner of Mr and Mrs Yap. Wei Wen, Kang Jie, Bing Chao and I were invited. We thought we are going to be late so we cab down to Orchid Country Club. In the end, we are the 1st 4 to arrive. Usually, people will always be late for wedding dinner. Don't know why.

So we have our drinks and took some photos before going into the ballroom. Saw lots of my teachers around. So glad to see them. Thanks to all my secondary school teachers, I am proud of what I am now. I will work hard and find my way to poly someday. xD

Soon, the wedding dinner starts. I got to say, Mrs Yap looks really beautiful today and his husband looks really handsome too. You got to be there to see how beautiful and happy she was today. I never know that vegetarian food can be that wonderful. Although the food are all vegetarian, it taste good and it is healthy. =)

Their wedding is very special. Everything there is grand. I like their second entrance where the driver drove them in. While overall, the wedding is great. I was so lucky that I was invited. Thank you Mrs Yap and Congrats once again. =D

After the wedding dinner, we went to Jalan Kayu cause the 3 of them didn't eat enough. So went there to eat and chat and we walk all the way home as usual. I am really tired now. End my post here. Bye...
~Cheng Kim Wee, 2:09 AM

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