Congrats Marcus...
Tuesday, December 11, 2007
1 of the birthday boy...
Another 1 of the birthday boy...
The CLT...
With his girlfriend... xD
With his best friend... xD
The military band...
The Parade...
The band performing...
Throw him away... xD
Happy Birthday to Wei Wen and Xun Yan!!! May all your wish come true. =)

And! Congrats to Marcus(or should I said, Sir!) for completing your CLT course. =)

Today is a fine day for me. Sleep until 2.30pm. Opps... =X My bed is so nice to sleep in. Haha... And the weather is just perfect for me to sleep, thats why. Haha... Actually I am just finding excuses. I always sleep for long hours. I just simply enjoys sleeping. No troubles, no worries. I might even sleep and never wake up 1 day. =X

We out in the evening for Marcus's Passing Out Parade. Meet up with Gloria and Shi Jia at compass point at 6pm. Wei En pass us the map to the Ncc Hq and he left for Xun Yan's Birthday celebration. So sorry that I can't turn up for Xun Yan's celebration. I don't really have much money. xD

So the rest of us cab down to the Hq. It was raining when we reach there and there is no shelter. The 3 of us have to share 1 pathetic umbrella and walk all the way to the parade square. Hide under 1 shelter and wait and the sits are full. We had to stand and wait for the parade to start.

Soon, the parade starts when it is still raining. The parade start off with the military band marching in to the parade square follow by the colours party and the contigent. They look so smart in their number 1 uniform and their drills are neat. Days of their hard training really paid off.

Marcus parents were here too. They help him put on his rank and I have some shots with him. His parents must be very proud of his son. He is a officer now. =)

Next is the march pass. Nice and neat. I took a video of the march pass too. Hehe... xD After the march pass, we proceed to the buffet area. We didn't eat cause there is no place for us to sit and there are lots of people. I congrats my best friend Marcus for becoming a CLT and we left.

We need to walk a long way from the Hq to the main road. So I approach a stranger hoping that they will sent us out to the main road and they did. They even sent us to Yio Chu Kang Mrt station so that we can go home from there easier. So friendly of them. Thanks a lot. Haha... =) (Warning! Please don't follow what I did today. Entering a stranger's car is dangerous.) xD

Walk all the way to Amk Hub to have our dinner. Chats for a while and have some bubble tea. Shi Jia take the bus home alone and I sent my sister Gloria home.

Tomorrow needs to wake up early for project in Amk Ite. After I finish my project I still need to went back to Nvss to help out. So going to sleep now. Bye...
~Cheng Kim Wee, 12:12 AM

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