Simei Ite...
Thursday, November 01, 2007

Lucky today school starts late cause I slept at 2am yesterday. I reach school 10.30am today and my class is selected to go to Simei Ite for a carnival. This is my 1st time going to Simei Ite. Heard that Simei is a very nice place.

A bus pick us up from my school to Simei in the afternoon. Simei was huge, a very big and beautiful place. It was like a thousand times better then Amk Ite. It have a huge stage, nice canteen and lots of stuffs. My school? Nothing at all. Can't even compare the 2 campus.

Ok. There is a live concert put up at the outdoor theater, very loud and very cool. We played some lame games there like throwing games, shooting, soccer, basketball and many many. We need to earn points for the prize. I didn't really mind much about the prize actually. I just went there and have fun playing the games. The people there are friendly. Haha...

A little while more, we went home cause nothing much for us to do there. Take bus to Tampines and back to Seng Kang. I use my computer while I reach home. Play the game Solitaire which I always did when I got nothing to do. This time I break the record. I get 11118 points. I have been trying to get a 5 digit points for a long time. This time finally can. Haha...
~Cheng Kim Wee, 9:34 PM

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