Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Haiz... Don't know what happen today. Feel kind of upset this morning. Maybe because I did not have enough sleep? I slept at 3am yesterday by the way. Went to school with my sleepy eyes. It's so hard for me to concentrate during lesson time. I need some time for self study.

We thought our project is going to be done but found out that it doesn't really work so well. We spend so much time and effort on it in the end, it is screwed. Some more we are going to present it to the head of department today. Came out with another idea quickly which might very well screw up again.

And it did screw up in the presentation of our project and I am really upset. Got to think of another idea again as soon as possible before the dead line, 31 December. I will have to go back to school during my holidays. Haiz...

"Go home" is the only thing I want to hear. Went to North Vista Secondary School and look for Mrs Yap, my former form teacher. It has been a long time since I last came back to North Vista. I walk pass the General Office, turn to my right and, opps... Where do this wall came from? They are extending the General Office. Haha...

I read the news paper on the Dragon Boat tragedy while waiting for Mrs Yap. The youngest guy who die is just older then me by 3 years. That is so sad. Die is such young age. While at least he enjoy his last moment in life. So people, treasure your own life. Don't give away your life so easily. May god protect the 5 people who didn't make it back to Singapore. =')

Soon, Mrs Yap came and give me the invitation card. I congrats her and leave North Vista. Hope to be back again. xD Her wedding will be held at Orchid Country Club. Somewhere around Yishun. Hmmm... What should I wear on that day? The picture above maybe?

Haiz... I think my neighbor who stay above had move away. Bye Jennifer, don't let me caught you and Leonard again. xD Haha... Now, the house above is renovating. I can't have my afternoon sleep in peace. It is so noisy. Argh...
~Cheng Kim Wee, 11:20 PM

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