Hair cut tml...
Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Majong Spree... I love Majong so much. My hands are getting itchy when I think of it. I just play Majong at Marcus house yesterday with Nigel and Wei En. Dam... Lose 2 bottle of water. But never mind. Nigel and Wei En loss even more. xD Haha...

Before going home after the Majong, brought something that I had never brought before. Shall not improvise any more. It is for a very important project. Hopefully we can get short listed for that project but it is kind of hard. Projects from all around Singapore like schools are sending in all different kind of ideas. Hope ours will draw the judge attention more. xD

I just came back from riding. Don't worry. I am not emo-ing. I wanted to go cut my hair but the Salon is not open. My hair is long and untidy and making me uncomfortable. I want it to be cut asap. Maybe by tomorrow.

Oh yes... Talking about tomorrow, 5N1 will be having chalet tomorrow and I am invited. I don't think I will be there cause I am not from N1. And my wallet is left with $30 for this week and I am going out on Thursday. And I can't stay up so late because I got school the next day. Thanks for inviting me and sorry for not turning up. Hope you guys can understand. Help me tell the rest of the 5N1s if you are reading this. I miss you guys and thanks once again.

Dam!!! I just found out from the net that the next episode of Prison Break will be aired on January 14. It is next year man. Why no Prison Break on my holidays. =( I want PRISON BREAK!!! ='(
~Cheng Kim Wee, 6:44 PM

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