Camp Fire...
Saturday, January 06, 2007
Never sleep fpr yesterday night. Yesterday is the sec 1 CCA fair and camp fire day. I was planning to go back school to see my old classmate in the morning but I am too tired. I can't wake up and I slept til the afternoon and went to school.

Feel so welcome by my teachers and my friends there. Miss them so much...

Walk around the CCA fair and looks at the sec 1s. They are so young and short. Haha... But they are really very playful. Manage to reconize a girl and a boy from sec 1. Both from taekwondo. Training at the same place as me. Nothing much to do. Just see and chat around with XIONG WEI. WEI WEN and BING CHAO is walking around wearing their CI's uniform. They look cool...

After the CCA fair, we got to perpare the camp fire. Although I am having a bit of flu, I still help in setting the things up. Went back home in the evening to have my dinner. Come back to school again when the camp fire starts. Mr reduen is the Guest of Honor. He starts the camp fire and it is successful. The fire starts to burn. It starts to rain and everyone run up to the hall. Our job is done and we got nothing to do. We just have to wait for the fire to burn and cover it up with sand.

We stay overnight in school. Haha... I am not studying in this school anymore but I still get to stay in there. Miss this place... Play some games and talk lots of crap in the bunk. Went to Mcdonald with LIM SI MIN and XIONG WEI to buy supper. Have some bonding eating with the juniors and we have fun chatting in the night. All of them starts to get tired. All of them went to sleep accept for me.

I wake everyone up in the morning and is time to work. They have to clear up the camp fire things. So poor thing... Can see their face that they are really tired. They really help a lot. Without them, the camp fire won't be successful. Good job...

Everyone is so eager to go home. Finish the thing and everyone can go. Finally can go home and have a rest. =D
~Cheng Kim Wee, 5:40 PM

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