Sunday, December 24, 2006
Yesterday was BING CHAO and WEI WEN's passing out parade. XIONG WEI, KANG JIE, JUN LONG and I was all invited for this parade. We meet at compass and I have my lunch before we go. We don't really know the actual way of going there so we took a cab there.

We were early. We pass something to WEI WEN and BING CHAO and we had a tour around the new NPCC Headquater. The new HQ was beautiful. Much more nicer then the old one. The place is huge too. We sat at the front row and gets ready to watch the parade. Soon, the parade starts. All the contigent march in with pride. They has went through weeks of insane training and now, they are finally going to pass out. Their marching was so neat and tidy. The parade commander is a female. She went out of tune and gave 1 wrong command. But overall, it was a nice thing to watch. The march pass was pretty cool. The PCI gets so happy when everything has ended. They are going to be an offical CI soon. Took a lot of pretty cool pictures and video too.

After the parade, JUN LONG left us and we went to the hall to have a buffet. Sit there chat with WEI WEN and BING CHAO. Saw a instructor falling down when he was running. LOL...

EUNICE, HUI JUAN and HAZEL was meeting us after that. They want to celebrate WEI WEN and BING CHAO's POP. We went to Jalan Kayu to have our supper. Have lots of fun chatting around. I was sick at that time, but thanks to EUNICE, she gave me a panadol flu. It was starting to get late. All of us was tired. HUI JUAN and HAZEL took a cab home. The rest of us walk home as usual. While we are walking, it starts to rain. Eunice took a cab home at Seng Kang. And the rest of us take our own way home.
~Cheng Kim Wee, 3:38 PM

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- 17th April 1990


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