Our old place, Jalan Kayu...
Tuesday, December 05, 2006
When I was sleeping today, WEI WEN and co. called me and woke me up. I was so tired at that time and they ask me out to go Jalan Kayu again. They give me another half an hour of sleep and WEI WEN, XIONG WEI and BING CHAO came to my house. I went to take a quick bath to refresh myself. After that, we took a LRT to the place and waited for KANG JIE and LEONG CHENG before we start eating. We waited so long for them. I was so hungry at that time. I order 1 egg pranta and 2 plain. I thought I can finish it up but I can't, as always.

We walk home after we finish our food. Jalan Kayu is our old place. We always went there to eat and to chat while going back home. Don't know why the journey home is so long but we still enjoy walking home. For me, maybe I just like to spend my time with all these buddies. There will always be fun and joy when I hang around with these buddies. So happy that BING CHAO did not repeat the same thing over and over again today. Before we split up, I took KANG JIE's shirt and run away. Haha... This time, XIONG WEI is the one chasing us. We ran only for some short distance and I started to get tired. I think I haven't excersize for a long time.

So busy now a days. Keep on working and no time to spent on other things. I just took a 4 days off. I won't be working at 4, 5, 6, 7 dec. But time passes so fast. I must use all my free time wisely. I think I am going back teakwondo this tuesday. I got a camp to plan and I am the chairman. I must be responsible. I need to check something on the camp.
~Cheng Kim Wee, 4:19 AM

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