New com, new course, bbq...
Friday, December 29, 2006
Yesterday, was a sad + happy day. It is the relising of the ITE courses result. Sad to say, I didn't got in the course that I wanted to go. I wanted to take aerospace, which is my 1st choice, but they give me automotive, which is my 4th choice. I only interested in my first 3 choices but they give me the 4th choice which I don't really got the interest in it. I put it at my 4th choice just to fill up the reminding spaces. I went to the internet to appeal for the courses but I don't really know how to use it.

New computer has come to my house yesterday too which makes me happy. It is my personal computer. Haha... But I still need to buy router so that I can acess to the internet. Right now, my computer can just play games. I fix the computer all by myself. My room is kind of messy right now cause there is no table for it yet. Going to buy it soon.

Went to KANG JIE's house after finish playing with my new computer. Went all the way there by myself. Went to buy dowel pole and twine and from there walk to KANG JIE's house. Seen his family member for the 1st time. Both of his sister is so hyper. LOL... BING CHAO and WEI WEN bring me downstair to buy some potatos and drinks and went back for the BBQ. KANG JIE, YAN YING and WEI XIONG are all perparing the BBQ food. WEI WEN and YAN YING start to tie the poles for the pit while BING CHAO start fire. I have forgortten to tie all the lashes. I just sat there and look at them tie and they really did a good job. Haha... North Vista is the camp-craft CHAMPION, what do you expect. Hehe... BING CHAO was a fool. He has already started the fire but he still throw all the starter inside which makes the whole place full of smoke. We bring the whole pit down to the 1st floor so that the smoke won't be blown into people's house.

Have lots of fun overthere. The food are full of variaty and delicious. I love to eat the sting-ray. Taste so great. Haha... XIONG WEI and RACHEL come and join us. We have lots of fun sitting down chatting together. YAN YING and RACHEL talks about their holiday trip oversea which is so interesting. The topic about the CI course and the zoo is very interesting too.

While time passes so fast when we get along together. We got to keep all the things already. Don't know when will be our next chance sitting down to eat and chat together.

Play scarbble with KANG JIE's sis. My english was so lousy but I still manage to get the 1st runner up with some help. The points different was only 2 points. 3 more points and I can win. Haha... Walk home after the game.
~Cheng Kim Wee, 9:57 AM

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