'N' level result later...
Sunday, December 17, 2006
After studying 4 years in North Vista Secondary School, I am finally getting my 'N' level result. This is a very important year for me. It is going to determine wether I am staying is North Vista or ITE. I am happy if I go to either of this.

If I am going to stay in North Vista, I will be studying the same old things but the standard is going to be much more higher. I am afraid that I can't cope with the standard. I can't even cope with what I am studying the past 4 years. 1 thing I like about North Vista is the people there. I just miss all my friends, my juniors and my teachers. I would like to climb mt Ophir next year. It is really fun... =)

I already made some planning for ITE. I had check some courses that are aviable at ITE and some courses interest me. Courses like Aerospace, Sport management and F&B are pretty cool... But I don't think the people there will be as great as I know in North Vista. Hope that I can make some new and good friend there if I really go to ITE.

I guess it is all up to my result to decide my destiny. I am feeling no presure about taking the result. I think most of my friends will be dead nervours. I still can stay at home and watch soccer matches...

Oo Ya... Talking about matches, I just catch a really exciting game. Everton VS my favourite team Chelsea. The match is fill with exciment throughout the game. Chelsea played badly and conceded a penatly in the 1st half. Arteta take the penelty and score. Everton played well and matain the lead. Chelsea change their formation on the 2nd half. Score a early goal with Michael Ballack in the 48 min. Everton took the lead again with a header from a coner kick. Lampard score the equalizer outside the penatly box at the last 10 min. Drogba score a shocking goal half way across the field at the last 4 min. What a nice match to watch. The goal scored are fantastic. Still got 1 more game coming right up.

People are praying to get good result but I am watching soccer. I don't need to pray for god's help. It is all up to youself wether you want to study or not. Good luck for those people who really work hard. God will help those hard working students. =)
~Cheng Kim Wee, 11:57 PM

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- 17th April 1990


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