Marina South again...
Sunday, December 03, 2006
I have been working mid night shift and XIONG WEI ask me to go Marina South with them the day which I work. I only got to sleep for 2h and went to KANG JIE's house with BING CHAO. I meet BING CHAO at the Rivervale Plaza. His phone was so diffcult to reach and I to get him. But I got to meet him when I was walking bus-stop. We took the bus and went to his house.

When we reach there, only WEI WEN, LEONG CHENG and KEMUND has arrive. They are watching video. Haha... KANG JIE's dog is so cute. I keep on playing with it and the dog keeps on biting me. KANG JIE's sister teach the dog to shake hand. Hehe... We play Majong for a while. I won most of the match. Haha... While we are waiting, XIONG WEI and RACHEL came. ANDY and YAN YING came after a while and we are all ready to go to Marina South.

I took a cab and went home qucikly to take my things and we back to meet them at Hougang MRT station again. We took the train to Marina South. We ate at Zhen Fa and chat along the way. Lots of funny stuff have been said. I didn't ate much cause I am too tired. I have to go to work after that. I was like, half asleep and my system was shut down by half. I actually fall asleep. BING CHAO and WEI WEN woke me up with their extremly loud voice but it dosen't scare me. I just woke me up.

After we ate, YAN YING left us. KANG JIE , the gentleman, accompany her to go home. The rest of us take a walk to the riverside. And we walk back to the MRT station after some time of slacking there. The walk to the MRT station was so long. My stomach was so pain at that time. I keep on concentrate on my walking hoping that I can clear my business when I reach the Airport cause the Airport tolite is much more cleaner. Hehe... I left them and change to green line at Raffles Place. Almost fall asleep while taking the train to Tanah Merah. Change a train over there and board the train to Changi Airport. This time, I totally fall asleep in the train. A lady woke me up at Changi Airport. Whew... Lucky she woke me up if not I will be late for sure.

Working is so slack. I finish up all the closing at around 2am. I ate something from Fuzion and walk around the departure hall. The departure hall was so cold. I use the tolite there to clear my busniess. I also went to the free internet and surf the net. The message was so relaxing once again. I went to sleep for a while and get myself fresh up for work. The morning slam was terrible. So many people came so it gets so busy. Felt so great when everything was done. Finally get to rest when I get home.
~Cheng Kim Wee, 9:05 PM

- Cheng Kim Wee
- 18 years old
- 17th April 1990


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