Last Jeffery Outing...
Friday, December 01, 2006

Today, I never work. I take off specially for today. Today, was a important day. It is our last gathering with Jeffery. He is going to serve the National Service soon. It will be hard to get him out when he go National Service...

We are planning to go Marina South to eat. 1st, we meet at 2pm at the Seng Kang MRT station. I woke up at 1.35pm. Dam... I am going to be late. I went to take a quick bath but when I was bathing, JEFFERY text me and said he overslept too... LOL... I quicky forward to everyone to meet at 3pm instead. Too bad it was too late... CHEN YONG had already take the train and went to Seng Kang MRT station. No choice... He has to wait for us over there and I got more time to get myself perpare. Hehe...

CHEN YONG, MARCUS and I meet at Seng Kang 1st then we go meet JEFERY at Hougang station. Poor CHEN YONG, he wait for 1.30h for everyone to come. Next, we meet JIAN ZHONG at the Dhoubly Guat station. The are so many people at the station but he is easy to spot. He is so tall a we found him when we alight at the station.

We went Park Mall to eat some light things 1st before we went to Marina South to eat. We chat at the place we eat and went to meet YEW HIN at the Dhobly Guat station and we went to Marina South. We play billard when we reach there. We play a 4 person match. Overall, I won. I don't know how I did it cause I long time never play billard but I can still win. I think I was just lucky. Don't know why I am so lucky today. I won some other things later in the day too.

We went to eat after the billard match. We ate and we talk about lots of our sec 2 stuff. Lots of memory have be recall. When we think of it, it is kind of lame... Those songs and cheer and so funny. Combing people was funny too. The worst is where they have to pay $60 because they spolit the wall behind the classroom. LOL... Haiz... So much memory... Still a lot more to be recall.

We ate for 2h. We are not full but we are just too tired of sitting there so we went to play Datona. As you know, I don't usually play achard games cause I think it is a waste of money, but for today, it will be the last time playing with JEFFERY, so I join in the game. Once again... I was the winner. Don't know how I did it too. I was losing at the 1st lap but I manage to catch up and be the winner. LOL...

And then after that, we went back home. We farewell JEFFERY at the Dhoubly Guat. Don't know when we will be seeing him again. He will be bald the next time I see him... Friends Forever...
~Cheng Kim Wee, 1:34 AM

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