Hell of a ride to Sentosa...
Sunday, December 31, 2006
Wow... What a hell of a ride to Sentosa. Finally I had accomplish the target that I always wanted to achieve and that is to ride all the way to Sentosa all by bicycle. Lucky it didn't rain if not we will all be going home. HAHAHA... So proud of myelf cause I not only went to Sentosa, I am the organize of this wonderful trip. This trip has gave me lots of experience and senn lots of rare things.

OK... Lets start the journey... At 30th dec night, 11pm, we all meet at my block downstair. JAMES, WEI WEN, CHEN YONG and RUSYDI arrive but DANIEL, ALEX and LEONARD still haven't come out yet. The 5 of us went to ALEX's place to wait for him. He is bringing his new bike along. =) Finally he got a bike. Heard him say that he wanted to buy a bike last year until now. We went to 401 coffee shop to eat something and LEONARD meet us there. Saw JEFFERY and his friends. Most of them are bald cause the have to serve National service. Went to DANIEL's place to wait for him. All of us was waiting for him and he can still take his own sweet time and not thinking about others who had waited for so long. Chat with LI MEI for awhile and we all went off and the journey begins...

Take a stright ride down Serangoon road all the way to Plaza Singapura and to Orchand. Feel so cool on the way down. 8 riders was all on their bike cycling around but our legs are all tired already because of all the slope. We reach Orchard and someone lead us into the wrong direction. We had to take a big U turn back to where we come from. When we are cycling back track, someones bike broke down. (I can't say out his name cause he told me not to say out) All of us take turns and try to repair his bike but it is useless. His bike was spolit and he have to take a cab back home. So sad... He didn't accomplish the target.

Spend quite a lot of time in Orchard. No one knows the way to Harbor Front. We took a long way to the Esplanade and to Clarke Quay and all the way down Harbor Front. At the Esplanade, the river is fill with millions of floating balls. Looks so beautiful when the light shines at the balls. We rest there for a while cause we are so tired and went to China Town after that. We finally found a correct route to Harbor Front. Without wasting any time, we cycle all the way down to Vivo City although we are tired but we are excited. Brought some drink before we enter Sentosa.

Haha... So happy and excited when we reach the Sentosa Getway. We are going to SENTOSA!!! The slope at Sentosa was really very steep. We need to cycle all the steep slope to go to Siloso Beach. We went crazy when it down slope. The speed was really fast and exciting. Hehe... Ate something at the 7-11. Went to the beach and chat about everything under the sun, from dark to bright. It was morning by that time. WEI WEN need to reach home early cause he need to work. He call his father to go all the way to Harbor Front to fetch him. The rest of us just stay there and chat all day long. My legs are cramp when I was at the beach.

Stay at Sentosa for quite a while and we decided to go home. We have to cycle all the way up and down the slope again. Omg... This can kill me. My leg just recover from the cramp. But luckily enough, I was able to go all the way up the slope. Hehe...

What is a good reward for a rider?? A down slope.

Wooooo... What goes up, must come down. We went up, and now we are going down. Haha... So fun... I love the wind blowing in my face. I am out of Sentosa!!!

We were at the brige of the Sentosa and we saw a beautiful ship. The ship was something like a pirate ship that we always see in the movie. I was COOOOOOOL... Sat at Vivo City just to take photo and look at the ship. That is a coolest ship that I had ever seen.

All of us wants to go home. We are all so tired and sleepy. LEONARD and CHEN YONG left us. The both took a cab home at Harbor Front. No sportmanship at all. They never really accomplish the target. Now we are left with ALEX, DANIEL, RUSYDI and ME. The 4 last survivor who is still standing tall.

We plan go ride all the way back home at a constant speed. We stop at Lau Ba Sar to eat something and carry on our ride home. While we are riding, DANIEL heard some interesting thing at the radio station. It is the last day of the Istana open house. Sound pretty cool right. It was something that not everyone has been there before so we go there and check it out.

Inside the place was HUGE... Omg... There is a golf course and a pond with swan. Saw the place where all the big shot always host their meeting there. Nothing much to see inside actually. We just wanted to go in and have a look at the Istana. Continue our journey back home again.

The traffic was full of cars. We had to ride on the perdestrian road instead of the road to aviod accident. This trip is a save one. No rain and no accident. =) We ride all the way back to home.

I got to say this... HOME SWEET HOME... The place which is never far from sight. The place where you always wanted to go. No matter how hard or how long, you will always go home. I LOVE MY HOME...
~Cheng Kim Wee, 12:02 PM

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