Tuesday, December 12, 2006
Haiz... Why isn't the S.A.M working?? I did all the things that are instructed... Stupid machine... Now can anyone tell me how am I going to make the payment on the computer?? I really got no idea about how to pay it. Can anyone teach me!!! So much of the computer thing... Screw myself... I am a stupid guy which don't know how to operate a machine.

Haiz... I just came back from Punggol Community Center to settle the things about the camp. I shouldn't be the chairman for the camp. I am too busy working and no time to plan the things for the camp. Being a chairman need a lots of responsibility... But I am just a piece of trash. I throw everything for the vice chairman to do. Now he is backing and I don't even know what have been plan. I guess Sir will do all the job when the times come. I am usless. Sorry for the trouble vice chairman. I think I should have done better...

I feel so weak... I am borken... Why?? Why I shouted at my mum?? Sorry mum... I don't mean it... I just feel to agitated... Forgive me... Please... Still lots of thing are not settle... No one understand me.

The persure of being a chairman is so heavy...
The feeling got trying to settle something but can't is so frustrating...
Going to work everyday and not enjoying life is so stress...

What must I do now?? Can anyone tell me??
~Cheng Kim Wee, 11:14 PM

- Cheng Kim Wee
- 18 years old
- 17th April 1990


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