2nd outing with steph.
Friday, December 22, 2006
Today, I went out with my primary school friend, STEPHANIE, for the 2nd time. We went to Plaza Singapura to catch a movie. We meet around 3pm at Seng Kang MRT station. I saw ROY on my way to the MRT station. He is going to be in sec 5 next year. All the best to all the sec 5 people.

After a while, STEPHANIE came. We went up the MRT and head for Plaza Singapura. There are a lot of people at Plaza Singapura today. Lots of people was buying their ticket for their movie too. We brought 2 ticket for the movie Eragon. Went to Carrefour and brought something to eat in the cinema. It is illegal. Haha…

Hmmm… The movie is interesting. It is fun fill with adventure and excitement trough out the movie. The rider has to bond with his dragon to overcome obstacal which come in their way. But the movie isn’t finish. They still got 1 enemy which they haven’t defeat. I will wait for part 2 to come. It really is a nice show.

After the show is over, we went to Vivo City to find her friends. Her friends are working and she went there to disturb them. LOL… We also went Toys’r’us and play the toys. We have lots of fun playing around there. Looking at those toys reminds me about the time where I was young. I use to love those toys but now, I have grown up. Those toys doesn’t attract me anymore. I just feel happy that its remind me about the past time I use to have.

Went to Harbor Front and walk around. STEPHANIE brought some fruits for their parents to eat. Guess what… She brought kiwi for them. LOL… Went back home after she brought the things. Her friend called her and we went to Compass Point to help her friends to buy things. Nothing much to do at Compass Point so we went home.

I had lots of fun today. Really enjoy it… =D Hope that I can go out with her some other days…
~Cheng Kim Wee, 12:02 AM

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